To celebrate the August long weekend, the Games from British Columbia Steam page will be having a sale from July 29 to August 2. This page showcases the work of B.C.’s bold and innovative video game industry, and it features titles from both independent and AAA developers. We’re proud to highlight their talent and the diverse range of game experiences they’ve created for players around the world to enjoy.

Hinterland Studio Inc. The Long Dark

British Columbia is home to lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, rugged mountainscapes, and some of the finest game developers in the country. Since its establishment in 1982, B.C.’s video game industry has evolved into a powerhouse and is now home to over 160 game studios across the province. It is one of the largest game development communities in the world, with companies located from Vancouver Island to the Rocky Mountains. Our appreciation for diversity is on full display in this impressive collection of titles from our world-famous game developers. No matter your favorite genre of games, come see what BC has to offer!

Pixile Studios Super Animal Royale

This initiative was made possible through DigiBC, along with funding from the Province of British Columbia and Creative BC. Additional support for producing this page came from the generous assistance of Kerberos Productions and Respeccd.


About Respeccd
Respeccd is a game and interactive digital media collective led by veteran female game developers. They seek to be a unifying presence to support initiatives for Canadian game developers, as well as work to amplify efforts that create more equitable, diverse, and inclusive spaces in the games industry.



About Kerberos Productions
Kerberos Productions is a gathering of experienced video game developers based in Vancouver, BC. The company has established a reputation of applying their experience of developing A+ titles towards a new, high standard of gameplay with low production overhead.