The creative technology industry is one of the most dynamic economic engines in BC’s economy, generating $2.3B in global sales annually while employing more than 14,000 British Columbians across 250+ companies. 

As part of Creative Industries Week, DigiBC is presenting Creative Technology Day on May 16 to showcase some of the incredible work from studios across the province, spanning animation, visual effects (VFX), video games, and virtual/extended/augmented reality (VR/AR/XR). In addition, DigiBC will share some of the key education programs and EDI initiatives that the creative tech industry is developing in partnership with educators and the provincial government to ensure that BC continues to train and retain world-class talent while enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion across the sector. Follow along here!



Watch DigiBC’s  2021 Sizzle Reel – an exciting showcase of B.C’s outstanding content and creative technology.

DigiBC is the creative technology industry association of British Columbia. It is a member-supported, non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC. DigiBC’s members include animation, VFX, video game and VR/AR/XR studios ranging from local startups to multinational brands located across the province. 

DigiBC’s vision is to make BC the world’s leading centre for creative technology. Through its advocacy and government relations work, education & EDI programming, and networking and social events, DigiBC works to strengthen the creative technology community in British Columbia and accelerate the growth of the industry to the benefit of current and future generations.  

Many of us have enjoyed firsthand the work of DigiBC’s renowned members which includes Electronic Arts, The Coalition (Microsoft), Sony Imageworks, Industrial Light & Magic, Disney, Relic Entertainment, Unity, Klei Entertainment (Tencent), Scanline VFX (Netflix), as well as independent Canadian owned Eastside Games Group, Hyper Hippo Entertainment, WildBrain Studios, Atomic Cartoons (Thunderbird), Cloudhead Games, Doberman Pictures and many, many more! Each of these companies bolster BC’s creative tech industry by combining innovative storytelling and cutting-edge technology to produce fantastic experiences for audiences around the world.

To learn more about BC’s thriving creative tech sector, check out Creative BC’s recent Impact Report, see British Columbia’s interactive + digital media ecosystem in this interactive map, and discover BC video games here!