Update your music playlist with these September album releases!

Creative BC is proud to support the recent album releases of the following participants of BC Music Fund’s Sound Recording Program:

Paolo Brian – Friday, September 1, 2017

Tavish Crowe – Friday, September 1, 2017

Jeremy Grey – Friday, September 1, 2017

Saphira Elektra – Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Belle Game – Friday, September 8, 2017

Zoe Alexa & Mark Fenster – Saturday, September 9, 2017

Echo Nebraska Band – Friday, September 15, 2017

The Boom Booms – Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Saphira Elektra – Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cayla Brooks – Friday, September 22, 2017

Mozhdah – Friday, September 22, 2017

Peach Pyramid – Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Mad for Joy – Friday, September 22, 2017

Ché Aimee Dorval – Thursday, September 28, 2017

Rushden & Diamonds – Friday, September 29, 2017

Highland Eyeway – Saturday, September 30, 2017

Magazine West Conference

The Magazines West professional development conference Oct 26th and 27th is uniting publishers, editors, writers, designers, salespeople, printers and developers who work for magazine titles that range from literary and lifestyle, to business and news, and are in both online and in print formats.

While offering an opportunity to network as well as Q &A sessions, the conference also offers participation in 2- to 3-hour intensives and Mac labs, the aim being for magazine staff to further develop their skill set.

The event also includes a robust guest speaker list from across the province.


Jeanette Ageson

Chief Revenue Officer, The Tyee

Felice Bisby

Photo Editor/Designer, Knowledge Network

Harold Boies

Director, Periodical Publishing Policy and Programs, Canadian Heritage

Denny Dias

Video Producer/Graphic Designer, Alive Publishing

Sue Donaldson

Literary Arts Program Officer, BC Arts Council

Scott Gray

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Mitchell Press

Taryn Hardes

Digital Marketer and Freelance Social Media Strategist

Kate Lesniak

Publisher, Bitch Media

AnnMarie MacKinnon

Publisher, Geist magazine

Ijeoma Oluo

Editor-at-Large, The Establishment

Devon Persing

Accessibility Specialist, Simply Accessible

Karm Sumal

Co-Founder and CEO, Daily Hive

Jenny Uechi

Special Reports, National Observer

Tradewind Books

Carol Frank and Michael Katz, the husband and wife duo, started Tradewind Books in 1996 in London, England, where Michael was working as a school teacher. After moving to Canada the pair began publishing Canadian works, and for over 20 years along with their support of their team, have published some of Vancouver’s most notable and award winning books.

Tradewind Books is a small publishing house located in a studio office on Granville Island. With over 120 book nominations, recognitions and awards, Tradewind remains a pillar for the creative community within the province.

Recently a finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Pikiq (2017), as well as the winner for Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Book of 2016 for The Riddlemaster (2016), Tradewind continues to be honoured and recognized for their dedication, passion, and commitment to the art of publication.

Michael’s passion in publications as well as his desire to share his knowledge is easily witnessed during one of his many Children’s Book Workshops at UBC. Originally a teacher at West Point Grey Academy and St. George’s School in Vancouver, Michael has also taught publishing courses at Langara College, Capilano University, and Simon Fraser University.

Carol, also a teacher at SFU, as well as UBC, gave up her academic career to become the Art Director at Tradewinds. Her creative work has allowed for Tradewind to become recognized internationally for their fine illustrations and innovative design.



Finger Food Studios – Helping you Drive Innovation

Finger Food is an award-winning technology company that helps businesses drive innovation and growth with solutions that utilize holographic computing, cognitive computing and the Internet of Things. Founded in 2009 by CTO Trent Shumay and led by CEO Ryan Peterson as a video game company, Finger Food pivoted in 2016 to embrace holographic technology, becoming the first company in Canada to become a Microsoft HoloLens agency partner.

With the support of its diverse and dedicated team of fearless innovators, Finger Food has built numerous large-scale holographic applications for global companies, including PACCAR, Lowe’s, Deschutes Brewery, Cirque du Soleil and more.

Constantly tackling projects with creativity and curiosity, Finger Food is home to the largest dedicated holographic development space in the world: The Holodeck. With over 25, 000 square feet of devoted warehouse space in Port Coquitlam, The Holodeck, is a game-changing, facility that enables the design and development of mixed and augmented reality applications. The applications and possibilities now available are vast and far-reaching.           

The 30th Annual Vancouver Writers Fest Explores the Power of Storytelling!

This year The Vancouver Writers Fest celebrates a remarkable 30-year history and Creative BC staff members have been present and in full support of the festivities! Inaugurated in 1988 and now a staple event in the literary community, The Vancouver Writers Fest brings local and international readers and writers together to reimagine the world we live in through storytelling.

This annual Festival is complimented with year-round programming where readers of all ages are encouraged to explore the Incite reading series at the Vancouver Public Library, Spreading the Word programs, and various special events with leading writers.

Find out more about The Vancouver Writers Fest programs.




Imajin Books

An innovative publisher of quality fiction and select non-fiction e-books and trade paperbacks, Imajin Books is a go-to publisher for international authors. Imajin Books’ popularity as an established independent electronic and print publisher, stems from its ability to offer solutions to authors looking to publish works and who want to explore options outside the realm of self-publication.

With a focus on upholding environmentally sustainable publishing practices, Imajin Books has made the conscious decision to use on-demand technology and to focus on the e-book side of the industry. Publishing works since 2003, Imajin Books is also home to “Imajin Qwickies”, a novella imprint, and “Ogopogo Books”, a kids imprint. This year, Imajin books celebrates a major milestone as it is set to publish the most books it has ever published in a year!



Since 1922, the British Columbia Historical Federation, previously the British Columbia Historical Association, has operated in the non-profit space as the leading umbrella organization for historical societies in British Columbia.  By promoting the preservation of historical sites and places of historical interest, the British Columbia Historical Federation’s underlying objective is to spark public interest and encourage historical research in the province.

For further awareness of its goals, to generate interest in the history of British Colombia, the British Columbia Historical Federation produces a flagship magazine publication, British Columbia History.  With quarterly published issues, British Columbia History shares unique stories through the words and images of community writers and historians.  Every must-read issue is packed with fresh articles and photographs, as well as relevant insights into local archives.


Isabelle Southcott’s publication, Powell River Living Magazine, recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, marking over a decade of serving the local Powell River community.  Nestled on the upper Sunshine Coast, Powell River Living Magazine is a locally owned and independent, leisure and lifestyle publication that reflects the lives and needs of local residents.

Southcott, a seasoned journalist who began her successful career working with daily newspapers in Nova Scotia, launched Powell River Living Magazine after realizing that her community was being underserved by the publishing industry.  She wanted to offer her readers the option of reading a magazine that focused on human successes rather than the sensationalism that so often consumes the industry.  Today, along with her Associate Publisher, Sean Percy, Southcott continues to offer her community access to diverse perspectives with 16 issues published per year for residents to enjoy.

Caitlin Press – Where urban meets rural!

Established in 1977 and celebrating 40 years of publishing bold works by women, Caitlin Press, has made a name for itself in the publishing industry as the trade publisher of the Central Interior of British Columbia. Caitlin Press is known for continuously collaborating with other creative industries in B.C. and publishing culturally significant books that tackle important subjects such as Indigenous rights, the history of feminism, and gender identity.

In March 2008, Vici Johnstone of Halfmoon Bay purchased the press. Most recently, in 2016, this award-winning publisher launched Dagger Editions, publishing literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry by and about queer women. Coming up on the 10-year anniversary of Johnstone leading the company, Caitlin Press continues to publish books that reflect the diverse cultures of B.C. while simultaneously bridging the gap between the urban and the rural.


New Society Publishers – Book to Build a New Society!

For over 30 years, New Society Publishers has been inspiring the world with its cutting edge contribution to the industry by publishing books that promote an ecologically sustainable and just society. By publishing books that offer sound environmental solutions, New Society Publishers is proud to hold the highest environmental and social standards of any publisher in North America.

From the choice of printing books on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, to the commitment to print books exclusively in North America, New Society Publishers has brought environmental and social justice considerations to the forefront of dialogue within the publishing industry. It is truly a breath of fresh air to enjoy the works of a publisher that not only cares deeply about what they publish, but also about the standards that govern their business practices.