October marks Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM), a pivotal time to recognize the significance of inclusive hiring and work environments. Originally proclaimed in Canada in 2010, DEAM has since gained traction across several provinces, emphasizing the importance of promoting opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Image from the Disabled And Here project, taken by Chona Kasinger.

DEAM stands as a catalyst for employment service providers, community organizations, and employers to engage in meaningful discussions, advocating for the benefits of inclusive hiring practices. It’s not just a celebration but a call to action to create workplaces that value diversity.

Disability Employment Awareness Month urges us to actively contribute to creating solutions for inclusive workplaces. As we commemorate DEAM, let’s recommit ourselves to building a future where everyone, regardless of any disabilities, has the opportunity to contribute and succeed. We encourage everyone, in the creative industries and beyond, to explore the shared resources to support the journey towards more inclusive, diverse workplaces.

Creative Industry Resources for employees and employers: 

RespectAbility Resources

RespectAbility is a diverse, disability-led nonprofit that works to create systemic change in how society views and values people with disabilities. They provide numerous resources and webinars related to disability inclusion in creative industries.

Creative Users Projects

Creative Users Projects provides resources to connect with Deaf and disability art, culture, and community.


AccessiblePublishing.ca is a repository for information and resources which will help a variety of stakeholders work toward the goal of born-accessible publishing and improving access to ebooks.

Creative Equity Roadmap

This resource was developed as an industry-focused support to increase cultural competence and inclusive practices within the motion picture and creative industry’s businesses and systems.

Small Business BC

Accessibility resources for business.

WorkBC resources for employers:

WorkBC career resources for disabled individuals: