In an eagerly anticipated collaboration, Netflix and Women in Animation Vancouver (WIA) have announced the world premier date of the short film OSTINATO from ACE Canada, produced with support from the Canada Media Fund, Creative BC, and Telefilm Canada.

Scheduled for its debut at the Oscar-accredited Spark Animation Festival in Vancouver, OSTINATO will take center stage on Friday, November 10th at 6:30 pm as part of the Mothers Of An Artform program. Another special event screening is planned for Saturday, November 11th at 4 pm, followed by a panel discussion.

OSTINATO draws inspiration from writer Sunita Balsara’s personal encounter with tinnitus. The film follows Nuha, a composer who perceives the world as a vibrant soundscape. However, her musical reverie is disrupted by a mysterious tone. As the tone grows louder, Nuha strives to silence it, only to realize that harmony can be found in acceptance.

The exceptional team behind OSTINATO comprises talented artists from British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario. This talented ensemble includes Composer Amanda Cawley, Story Supervisor Anna Bohac, Editor Isabel Ribeiro, Assistant Art Director May-Yun Ong, Animation Director Molly Lacoursière, Director Sonia Furier, Producer Stephanie Hodgson, and Writer Sunita Balsara. Each member will be present at the screenings to share their experiences and anecdotes from the film’s creation.

The ACE Program is a mentorship initiative designed to empower mid-level animation professionals who identify as women and non-binary. ACE Canada owes its success to the support of sponsors including Netflix Canada, Canada Media Fund, Creative BC, Telefilm Canada, Toon Boom, Autodesk, Atomic Cartoons, and other significant contributors. Their collective support has made the ACE Program a reality, offering a platform for diverse voices in the animation industry.

Spark Animation 2023 will be a hybrid event, with in-person activities in Vancouver from November 9-12, followed by online streaming until December 31. Tickets and passes for this event are now available at

Be part of the vibrant celebration at Spark Animation and witness the premiere of OSTINATO, a film that not only captivates but also champions inclusivity and the creative prowess of women in the animation industry.