The Jade Music Fest returns to Vancouver for its second year, offering an exceptional celebration of music and culture. This year, 16 diverse music artists are coming together to help the organization reach its goal of making Vancouver the North American hub for Chinese-language music through the elevation of underrepresented Sinophone artists in B.C.


Kristin Fung


A Diverse Lineup with a Shared Mission

The festival lineup features a range of artists who transcend language barriers, including Tennyson King, Kim Yang, Xiao Bing Chih, Jaqueline Teh, Scope, Dawn of Freedom band, Handwash, Darling Sparrows, Aiko Tomi, Mirabelle Jien, Kapa Arkieh, Kristin Fung, and Lowhi. They bring their unique styles, from indie-folk to jazz, promoting unity and cultural connection through music.

Inspiration and Empowerment

The festival goes beyond music, offering podcast episodes hosted by Gina Lam, highlighting the inspiring stories of artists who have faced industry challenges. Workshops and panel discussions equip emerging musicians with valuable skills in international touring, event organization, and self-promotion.

A Cultural Initiative

With a focus on “Establishing Vancouver as a Hub for Chinese-Language Music” and “Creating a More Inclusive Music Industry,” the festival aims to drive change and empower both artists and the community.

Join Jade Music Fest 2023

Don’t miss the four showcase performances, three artist talks, and five panel discussions and workshops. Jade Music Fest runs from October 18-20 at venues including Gateway Theatre, Vancouver Annex, and Hollywood Theatre. Join the celebration of music, culture, and unity at Jade Music Fest 2023.

For more information and updates, visit the Jade Music Fest website.

Featured image is artist Kristin Fung.