In the realm of stop-motion animation, Alicia Eisen, who was living in Vancouver during the film’s creation, joined forces with Vancouver film director and production designer Sophie Jarvis to introduce us to a unique and intriguing world in their National Film Board of Canada production, ZEB’S SPIDER.




Set in the safe but peculiar confines of her basement apartment, Zeb, our unconventional heroine, is determined to ward off the bad luck that lurks in the world beyond. She resorts to a series of ritualized behaviours, creating a cocoon of safety amidst an unpredictable and often chaotic world. However, life has a way of shaking up even the most insular existences.

Alicia Eisen and Sophie Jarvis’s ZEB’S SPIDER is a compelling masterpiece of stop-motion animation, offering a fresh and thought-provoking take on the complexities of fate, fear, and confronting one’s demons. This dark yet quirky film is a must-watch, and it’s conveniently available for streaming free of charge across Canada on

As the Halloween season approaches, ZEB’S SPIDER is an excellent recommendation for those seeking a spine-tingling, heartwarming, and ultimately empowering cinematic experience.

Header Image of Zeb from the film – Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada.