Netflix’s “Island of the Sea Wolves”, co-produced by B.C.’s River Road Films and Wild Space Productions of the U.K. has been nominated for seven Daytime Emmy awards. Read the full article on Victoria Buzz:


Netflix “Island of the Sea Wolves” 2022


Netflix’s Island of the Sea Wolves” brought worldwide attention to Vancouver Island’s wildlife and natural beauty, and now the series is being recognized for its finesse.

The docu-series hit Netflix on October 11th of last year and features three episodes which depict the island’s world renowned wolves as they traverse spring, summer and fall in their coastal habitat.

Now that the series has been out for most of a year, it’s become an acclaimed success and garnered seven Daytime Emmy nominations.

Local filmmaker, Maxwel Hohn, spent time in the thick of Vancouver Island’s rainforests to capture footage of the incredibly unique and diverse wildlife that inhabit the island alongside us humans.

The series, which debuted in 2022, was narrated by Will Arnett an co-produced by Wild Space Productions of Bristol UK, and River Road Films of Vancouver.

“Island of the Sea Wolves” has the sixth most nominations of the 50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

It is nominated for:

  • Travel adventure and nature program
  • Writing team for a daytime non-fiction program
  • Directing team for a single camera daytime non-fiction program
  • Outstanding music direction and composition
  • Cinematography
  • Single camera editing
  • As well as sound mixing and sound editing

The full list of nominations is available online.


About the series

The Vancouver Coastal sea wolf, which is a subspecies of grey wolf, is known to Vancouver Island by many who live along its coastlines.

The wolves are special enough to have a Netflix series depict their lifestyle because of their talents for swimming in our cold oceanic waters near Bella Bella.

Their main food source is seafood which makes up 90% of its diet. This is unusual for wolf species who normally solely hunt on land.

Similarly to the endangered Southern Resident killer whales that Vancouver Island is known so well for, a quarter of the wolves seafood diet relies on salmon populations. The wolves also hunt seals and river otters.

Foraging Is a crucial part of the wolves diet as well. They scour the beaches for barnacles, clams, herring eggs and whale carcasses.

Being a Vancouver Islander himself, Hohn got to showcase the natural beauty that the island has to offer by filming in his own backyard.

The 50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony will take place on Friday, June 16th.