British Columbia is home to over 300 magazines, representing a broad diversity of publications, ranging from small to large, literary to lifestyle, leisure to arts and culture, news, business, and special interest magazines. These titles represent the diverse interests of British Columbians and are read by millions of people both here in B.C. and around the world. B.C. magazine publishers connect with their audience online as well as through traditional print channels, embracing advertising and circulation opportunities on the web, over social networks and via mobile devices.

Industry professionals in all magazine-related occupations are recognized for their excellence in content, design and production as well as providing thought-provoking commentary, engaging narrative, spectacular images and informed analysis of current issues that reflect the lifestyle, spirit and aesthetic of B.C.

See British Columbia’s magazine publishing ecosystem in this interactive map of magazine publishers located all over B.C.

Founded in 1993, The Magazine Association of B.C. (MagsBC) is a dedicated member-run organization that works to unite a diverse network of member magazines and professionals. MagsBC develops strategic partnerships, projects and programs that strengthen the province’s magazine industry. With an ever-changing landscape in the print industry, especially during a pandemic MagsBC remains dedicated to building a safer, healthier industry with work on inclusivity, including anti-harassment initiatives, supporting better diversity in publishing, and accessibility. Read MagsBC 2019/2020 Annual Report.

This not-for-profit organization stands by a mission that believes in the interconnected cultural and economic value for a vital B.C. publishing industry. MagsBC highlights the integral position magazines have on B.C.’s creative industries and goes beyond to foster an environment where new magazines are nurtured, established magazines are supported and magazine staff have the opportunity to develop their skills.


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