The IM4 Lab was created by Indigenous filmmaker, Loretta Todd, alongside media matriarchs Doreen Manuel, Cease Wyss, and Tracey Kim Bonneau. IM4 is in collaboration with Emily Carr University to offer workshops training Indigenous peoples in XR. IM4 is dedicated to Indigenizing VR/AR/360 by enabling Indigenous communities to find effective ways to incorporate these technologies into educational, cultural, language, artistic and commercial applications.

Im4 supports Indigenous artists and media professionals by providing immersive learning and production opportunities and building an Indigenized tech eco-system. Im4’s governance structure is based upon respect and reciprocity, which also honours Indigenous diversity of expression. At the core of the IM4 Lab is the guidance of media matriarchs, who bring experience and commitment to serving the community.


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Partnering with the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), which annually showcases the best of VR/AR innovations with VIFF Immersed, IM4’s new webinar series, “Immersive Knowledge Transfer Gathering” is designed to promote accessible online information for indigenous participants through virtual roundtables featuring industry leaders.

To learn more and register for the upcoming Im4 Lab Transfer Series sessions, visit their website.