Harmonizing her Rwandan, Ivorian, and Zimbabwean heritage with a confident—and bilingual—voice, Missy D is a tour-de-force ‘femcee’ in the Canadian Hip Hop/Rap and Soul scene. 

Missy D released her debut album When Music Hits You Feel No Pain in 2016 and was a Storyhive Music Video Edition 2017 winner for her song “XX” featuring Kimmortal. In 2018, Missy D was an SXSW Official Artist, representing for a B.C. showcase. She is also apart of the Hip Hop and Soul duo, Laydy Jams. 

Missy D by David Markwei Productions

Rapping about her roots since she was 11, Missy D has long been an outspoken champion for diversity and resilience. This year her voice became even more powerful with the release of her newest 6 track EP, YES MAMA. With tracks produced by David Tallarico, Jay 808 Beats, and Mantra Beats, the EP is a rich account of Missy D as an artist—her experiences, outlook, and her relationship to the Motherland and her blackness. Balancing vulnerability and confidence, YES MAMA has been celebrated with glowing reviews and was recently flagged by CBC’s list of top 25 albums to listen to this season. 

Her latest music video for the title track premiered this past Mother’s Day. With an enlivened beat and lyrics bursting with gratitude, YES MAMA details the love for all our mother figures within our families and chosen families in a way that is sure to get both parties dancing. 


YES MAMA, Missy D (2020)

Directed by
Alexander Farah and Lawrence Le Lam, YES MAMA’s innovative video concept impressively integrates COVID-era video calling, creating an enriching audio-visual experience with maximum relatability.


Missy D by Christopher Edmonstone

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