Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The second day of Creative Industries Week marks BC Book Day, which brings industry associations, key stakeholders, and creators together with the government for a showcase event.

BC Book Day invites people in B.C. to celebrate the province’s book and magazine publishers, authors, illustrators, bookstores, libraries, festivals, and literary prizes. These are the creators and companies that connect us to one another with local stories and a distinctively west coast Canadian perspective on the world.

Book Publishing in British Columbia

B.C. is home to the second-largest English-language book publishing sector in Canada. B.C.’s publishers represent 18% of the English-language Canadian-owned publishing industry and bring Canadian writing and culture to a global audience, exporting to more than 40 countries.

B.C. publishers produce titles that reflect their region, B.C., Canada, and the world back to readers, in a variety of genres including literary fiction, poetry, regional interest, Indigenous perspectives, children’s literature, cuisine, and scholarly topics. There are 425 businesses, 46 independent publishers, and 300 independent bookstores across the province. Discover them by viewing two maps of the Canadian Independent Book Publishers and Canadian Indie Bookstores who deliver.

Magazine Publishing in British Columbia

British Columbia is home to over 280 magazines, representing a broad diversity of publications, ranging from small to large, literary to lifestyle, leisure to arts and culture, news, business, and special interest magazines.

British Columbia titles represent the diverse interests of the people of British Columbia and are read by millions of people both here in B.C. and around the world. B.C. magazine publishers connect with their audience online as well as through traditional print channels, embracing advertising and circulation opportunities on the web, over social networks and via mobile devices.

Did you know?

In 2022, the book publishing and magazine publishing industries contributed $225M Total GDP to the provincial economy. More than 1,900 people work full-time and equivalent jobs in the industry.

Learn more about the B.C.’s publishing industries in the Sector and Industry Overviews, on the Books BC website, the Canadian Independent Booksellers Association, and MagsBC.

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