Nine Ten publishes non-fiction books by residents of Canada on topics related to art, craft and creativity. They are interested, especially, in books that are decidedly not “mainstream”—books that explore a topic or topics deeply, written by authors who know a whole lot about something most folks know very little about. Their goal is not to shine light on the obscure, but rather to serve readers who hunger for books that scratch beneath the surface of the topics they’re passionate, nerdy, geeky and obsessive about. Nine Ten is driven by their values of equity, accessibility, diversity, and environmental and economic sustainability.

Nine Ten also publishes the online magazine Digits & Threads.

Digits & Threads is exclusively about Canadian art and craft. Indigenous communities hold vast fibre- and textile knowledge and have rich traditions of craft, art and stewardship; they work to establish and nurture relationships with Indigenous makers and writers.

Digits & Threads launched in the first fall of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was a balm during lockdown and the dark days of winter to virtually explore all that’s going on in fibre and textiles across the country. Over the years, they have continued to publish articles that are rooted in place, and hope you enjoy these visits as much as they have.

Visit Digits & Threads to see their archives of Techniques & Tutorials, Sustainability practices, Studio visits and more!