For those interested in Canadian films, the See It All initiative by Telefilm Canada is a great platform that showcases them all under one site! Partnering with various streamers, broadcasters, and video on demand providers, this campaign addresses the challenges faced by Canadian filmmakers in reaching audiences beyond festivals or traditional theatrical releases. Whether on platforms like, Crave, Cineplex, CBC Gem, Tënk, AppleTV, or others, See It All strives to enhance the discoverability of Canadian films nationwide.

With new releases weekly, there are many great films you can choose from to watch from the comfort of your home or in theatres! Here are four fantastic selections filmed in British Columbia that deserve a spot on everyone’s must-watch list:


The Grizzlie Truth

Streaming on Apple TV, Telus tv+, YouTube, Crave

The Grizzlie Truth follows Filmmaker and Grizzlies Superfan Kat Jayme’s quest to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Grizzlies’ departure from Vancouver to Memphis in 2001. Beyond the team’s struggles and strokes of bad luck, the documentary pays homage to the franchise that once ignited a city’s passion for the NBA. More than a sports story, it becomes a love letter to one of the least successful professional sports franchises in history, exploring the enduring roots of fandom that persist over two decades after the team’s departure.


Little Fish

Streaming on Apple TV

In a near-future world gripped by a memory-loss pandemic, Little Fish explores the challenges faced by a couple portrayed by Olivia Cooke and Jack O’Connell. As the epidemic takes its toll on society, the film delves into the couple’s struggle to navigate the impact of the epidemic on their relationship. With memories fading and relationships tested, they embark on a poignant journey, striving to preserve the essence of their love amid the challenges presented by this timely narrative.


Crash Pad

Streaming on YouTube, Apple TV, Google Play, Club Illico

Crash Pad is a romantic comedy that centers around the unexpected and comical consequences of a love triangle. Starring Domhnall Gleeson, Christina Applegate, and Thomas Haden Church, the film follows the story of a young man who discovers that the woman he’s been involved with is married. The situation takes a humorous turn when he forms an unlikely friendship with her husband, leading to a series of unconventional and amusing events as they navigate the complexities of love, relationships, and friendship.


Edge of the Knife

Streaming on Shudder, Apple TV, and Gem

Edge of the Knife is a compelling drama set in a Haida village in the 19th century. The film unfolds the gripping tale of a man’s descent into madness after a tragic accident. As his community struggles to save him, they resort to ancient and mystical rituals, unleashing a transformative and visually stunning journey that explores themes of isolation, redemption, and the delicate balance between nature and humanity in the rugged landscapes of the Haida Gwaii archipelago.