Music BC is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a thriving and sustainable music ecosystem in British Columbia. Their mission involves supporting and empowering musicians, industry professionals, and the wider music community in the region.

Through various programs, Music BC focuses on artist development, providing resources for both emerging and established talents. One such initiative, the Jumpstart Series, facilitates connections and conversations between B.C.’s music community and seasoned professionals. This three-part program aims to equip individuals with valuable insights and tools essential for excelling in their music career paths.

Jumpstart Consulting is an on-demand music career consultation and coaching service, serving as a platform to link B.C. musicians and music professionals with valuable career support on their music-related projects. This program provides an opportunity for B.C.-based music professionals, companies, and artists to engage in one-on-one sessions with a diverse selection of industry professionals, each offering expertise in various skills and backgrounds. Open to both Music BC members and non-members, consultation categories include Artist Management, Career/Industry Coaching (general), Marketing/Branding/Content Creation, Release Strategy, and much more.

Jumpstart Foundations presents an on-demand video series featuring insights from music industry leaders. Music BC offers concise online video modules covering areas such as Music Marketing, Funding, Creative Resumes, Professionalism, and Project Management. All are provided at no cost to the viewer but advanced registration is necessary for access.

Jumpstart Talks series goes beyond offering artists valuable learning experiences; it aims to showcase the transformative impact of shaping a brighter future for the entire music community. Featuring influential leaders, Jumpstart Talks provides an intimate platform for storytelling and open dialogue, addressing various issues currently impacting the music and artist industry. Attendees have the unique opportunity to submit their questions in advance and ask them live during the event. The series began middle of last year with its inaugural talk presented by hip-hop icon Kardinall Offishall.

Music BC stands as an invaluable resource for emerging artists, offering not only crucial support through programs like Jumpstart but also fostering a sense of community, providing education, and creating platforms for meaningful industry connections. You can find more information on Music BC and how to become a member here.

Header image is of IAMTHELIVING performing at Music BC’s Let’s Hear It artist showcase from Lindsey Blane/Music BC