British Columbia is lighting up the small screen with an array of exciting new releases! Don’t miss out on these must-watch shows connected to B.C. that deserve a spot in your lineup if you haven’t tuned in already.

ALLEGIANCE – The new police drama explores how injustice can make you rethink your identity. Told through a South Asian family in Surrey, B.C., the CBC series grapples with what’s legal, what’s right and what’s fair when people of colour are policed. ALLEGIANCE premiered on February 7 with new episodes airing weekly.


IWÁJÚ– In a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria, IWÁJÚ follows Tola and Kole, a spirited young girl and a self-taught tech whiz, as they uncover hidden secrets and perils in their contrasting worlds. This captivating original animated series was brought to life with Walt Disney’s Animation Studios and a partnership between Kugali and Cinesite’s Vancouver and Montreal facilities. IWAJU is set to premiere February 28 on Disney+.


SHOGUNBeginning February 27, this 10-episode historical drama will be streaming on Disney+. Based on the historical novel by James Clavell, the story is set in feudal Japan and follows an English sailor named John Blackthorne who becomes embroiled in the political intrigues of the samurai era. SHŌGUN was filmed throughout B.C. with a predominant focus in Port Moody.


THE GREAT POTTERY THROWDOWN – Adapted from the UK format, the show showcases 10 amateur potters who will face a series of challenges aimed at crafting exquisite pieces. Produced by Point Grey Pictures, it will be overseen by Vancouver-born trio of Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Seth Rogen. Rogen will join the panel as a guest judge and alongside him will be Nanaimo-born artist and ceramics instructor Brandan Tang, as well as the Vancouver-born host Jennifer Robinson. THE GREAT POTTERY THROWDOWN began on February 8 with new episodes airing weekly on CBC.


TRACKER – Tracker is an American action-drama series based on Jeffery Deaver’s novel, “The Never Game.” It follows Colter Shaw, a proficient survivalist who travels the US, using his tracking skills to assist both individuals and law enforcement in solving mysteries while pursuing rewards for his efforts. Filmed in Vancouver and Belcarra, Tracker premiered on February 11 with weekly episodes airing on CTV.


UNDER THE BRIDGE Hulu’s compelling new drama, Under the Bridge, plunges into the heart of one of Canada’s most harrowing crimes—the brutal murder of 14-year-old Reena Virk in B.C. in 1997. Filmed in New Westminster and Chilliwack, this eight-episode series is set to premiere on April 17 on Hulu.


WILD CARDS – The story revolves around Cole Ellis, a demoted water-cop, who apprehends Max Mitchell, a transient con woman. However, while in custody, Max unexpectedly aids Cole in solving another crime. Their unlikely partnership offers both a shot at redemption: Cole can regain his detective badge, and Max can avoid jail time – but only if they team up and collaborate. Filmed in Vancouver and Langley, WILD CARDS premiered on January 10, with weekly episodes airing on CTV.