Produced by B.C.’s Lark Productions, ALLEGIANCE, is a new CBC drama that premiered on February 7, 2024.

ALLEGIANCE is set and filmed in Surrey B.C. and centers on themes of identity and belonging, through the lens of policing and politics. The series follows a Punjabi rookie cop with Sikh roots and her struggles with an imperfect justice system.

ALLEGIANCE received positive remarks from the Surrey mayor, Brenda Locke for how the production team worked with the city to showcase Surrey and its landmarks such as City Hall.

Vancouver Police Const. Kal Dosanjh and Surrey resident shared how the series rings true to him in the Surrey Now-Leader:

It was neat to see policing from a visible minority perspective, with the focus on a South Asian police officer and her experiences. There’s a cultural diaspora element to it as well, because she’s trying to balance eastern and western cultural values at the same time, which was exactly my experience. I came from a very traditional Sikh family, and when I first got on the job I was full Sikh, with a turban, and it wasn’t an easy experience, being on the street and dealing with suspects making racial insinuations, a lot of discrimination and prejudice.
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Image Credits: CBC