After establishing her career in the music industry at Virgin Records in the UK, Katie Wattie returned to Vancouver and founded boutique record label, Tonic Records. In addition to servicing artists as a record label, Tonic Records also provides artist management and has expanded its team to include junior managers, a sales team and a licensing department.

Tonic Records draws its brand from the ancestry of founder Kate Wattie, who is a descendant of the legendary William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Born in 1847, Buffalo Bill was an illustrious hero of the Old West, famed for his Wild West Tours across the United States and Europe. Cody’s hallmark nickname came from his matchless skills as a buffalo hunter. A champion of the Western frontier, Buffalo Bill’s rugged yet accomplished persona is what drives the heart of Tonic Records.

To date, Tonic Records prides itself for The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer’s Juno nomination and its Leo win for the documentary We Are The City’s. With a diverse roster of artists, Tonic Records continues to enrich the music industry by investing in real music for real people.