Reboot The Guardian Code

Reboot, one of the first-ever computer generated television shows is returning to television, and it’s being rebooted in its home province of BC.

Corus Entertainment has ordered 26 episodes of Reboot: The Guardian Code, a follow-up to the pioneering CG childrens program that was first broadcast more than 20 years ago.

With its new and updated graphics, the new Reboot returns viewers back inside the digital realm where sprites and other code creations live inside your computer. Whenever a user plays a computer game the characters must also take part in the action and play along.

The original show ran for 48 episodes and was broadcast in 84 countries, including on ABC’s Saturday morning line-up of programming. It broke new ground for using computer graphics, which back then (one year before the first Toy Story movie debuted in theaters) was still untested ground for entertainment.

The Guardian Code will feature four new characters sworn to protect both the world in cyberspace and the one we live in. The Vancouver-based computer animation and visual effects company Rainmaker Entertainment will code the show, with its expected broadcast date sometime in 2016.

Rainmaker was also the original creator of the first Reboot via its production company Mainframe. “Technology is ever-changing and Reboot: The Guardian Code will utilize the very technology inherent in the concept of the show—and prevalent in kids’ everyday lives…empowering kids with the tools and confidence to chart their own course in a world that is increasingly dependent on and powered by technological knowledge,” said Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon.