National Canadian Film Day (CanFilmDay), presented by REEL CANADA, is back bigger than ever for its tenth anniversary on April 19, 2023, with over 1300 live events taking place from coast-to-coast-to-coast and approximately 120 events in nearly 45 countries around the world. For the tenth anniversary, REEL CANADA threw the doors open and created an All You Can Watch Buffet of 100 enticing films. Canadians responded with a big appetite, and there’s a feast of offerings across the country.

In addition to the national partnerships and tributes that we have already announced, the heart of CanFilmDay celebrations are the more than 1300 events taking place live in hundreds of communities in every province and territory, and around the world. For a full listing of all screenings, visit


A few programming highlights in Canada: 

As part of the previously announced tribute to the late Mi’qmaw filmmaker Jeff Barnaby, CBC GEM will run Barnaby’s brilliant and provocative film Blood Quantum ad-free from 9am until 9pm ET. A video tribute to Barnaby will be available on the REEL CANADA YouTube page.

As part of the previously announced tribute to Gordon Pinsent, and in partnership with the Canadian content advocacy group FRIENDS, his masterwork John and the Missus will stream nationwide on the CanFilmDay platform, courtesy of the producer, Peter O’Brian.

In Vancouver
Home Truths: an exciting month-long programme hosted by the Vancouver International Film Festival that will culminate in special screenings on CanFilmDay of the classic John and the Missus with producer Peter O’Brien in attendance, as well as “The Great Canadian Short Film Show”, a presentation of short films from some of Canada’s greatest filmmakers including Atom Egoyan, David Cronenberg, Denis Villeneuve and more. The Vancouver Asian Film Festival is presenting Riceboy Sleeps, winner of TIFF’s Best Canadian Film Award, with a pre-recorded interview with director Anthony Shim.


In Victoria
A screening of Victoria nativeAtom Egoyan’s classic Exotica, with a recorded introduction by the internationally acclaimed director, will be presented by the Victoria Film Festival.

… and hundreds more screenings in every province and territory in Canada. Learn more about National Canadian Film Day and view all programming here.