The newest building with multiple LED Sound Stages just opened in South Burnaby that is setting a new standard for innovation and creativity in the film industry!

Versatile Media, a leading film production technology firm, announced the grand opening of a groundbreaking 44,000-square-foot facility boasting two expansive sound stages. Among them, North America’s premier enclosed volume with a seamless ceiling takes center stage.

This two-story marvel houses a bespoke LED volume in its main stage alongside a secondary 13,000 SF soundstage for traditional filming, as well as with 10,000 SF of production offices. The volume, standing at 83 feet wide and 29 feet high, features a breathtaking 270-degree curvature, powered by cutting-edge LED panels tailored for large-scale projects.

Harnessing Nvidia’s GPU technology and RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs, this revolutionary setup supports filming at an unprecedented 8K resolution, accommodating multiple cameras on set. This technology promises to elevate Vancouver’s global standing in virtual production, empowering local filmmakers to excel on international stages.

What sets the Versatile Volume apart is its seamless integration of ceiling and wall, allowing for uninterrupted shot lensing throughout the volume. The ceiling is thus not just for reflections and lighting, but an integral part of the in-camera framing. Renowned local film rigger Dave McIntosh, celebrated for his Academy Award-winning work on GODZILLA in 2016, collaborated with Versatile to engineer the unique ceiling structure. This innovative design enables efficient removal of LED panels, facilitating easy access to sets and the integration of diverse filming equipment, including lighting and special effects rigs. Additionally, it provides greater convenience for special effects teams to execute intricate and expansive shots and stunts.

Versatile also partnered with Sohonet to enhance operational workflow, providing production-grade connectivity between their Vancouver pre-visualization studio and the new Burnaby stages. With the completion of this cutting-edge film facility and LED volume, Versatile fulfills its ambitious goal of offering a comprehensive end-to-end virtual production solution, a game-changer for the Vancouver film market.

We are looking forward to watching the groundbreaking productions that will be filmed at this innovative sound stage in the future!