The 23rd edition of the Whistler Film Festival + Content Summit (WFF) is scheduled to be held in Whistler from November 29 to December 3, 2023. Following the in-person event, WFF will transition to an online format, offering select virtual screenings accessible throughout Canada from December 4 to December 17, 2023.

This year’s film festival boasts 35 features and 6 shorts. Here are five #WatchBC films that you can enjoy at home or in attendance in Whistler:


She Talks to Strangers


SHE TALKS TO STRANGERS – World Premier (Directed by Bruce Sweeney)

Leslie, a single woman with a strained relationship with her mother Staci, discovers her deadbeat ex-husband, Keith, has moved in. Keith demands half the house’s value despite contributing nothing. When he kidnaps Leslie’s beloved dog, John, Leslie is pushed to extreme actions. Staci, inspired by true crime podcasts, steps in to assist Leslie in overcoming the crisis and rebuilding her life.





ZOE.MP4 – World Premier (Directed by Jeremy Lutter)

In this gripping psychological thriller, 22-year-old Zoe’s meticulously planned life takes a dark turn when she is abducted by Alina, a suburban single mom who doubles as an altruistic serial killer. As Zoe grapples with survival, the two women form an unexpected bond. The story prompts Zoe to reflect on the worth of her choices and raises thought-provoking questions about purpose in a rapidly evolving modern world.




ALTONA – World Premier (Directed by The Affolter Brothers)

Exploring the profound aftermath of a devastating attack that tore apart a community, this true crime documentary delves into the journey of a survivor confronting his inner demons to emerge stronger. Altona utilizes striking animation and previously unheard eyewitness narratives to pose the compelling question: Can you forgive what you’ll never forget?




ADAPTATION (Directed by Jake Thomas)

This feature-length documentary follows a group of wheelchair athletes participating in the BC Summer Race Series, the world’s inaugural downhill mountain bike race series featuring an adaptive mountain bike (aMTB) category. Beyond being a film centered around the race, Adaptation weaves together various narratives about the human experience and our capacity to overcome challenges. Whether driven by the excitement of competition or the need to persevere through the struggles of daily life, the documentary aims to motivate those lacking inspiration and celebrate the intricacies of life, love, and friendship.


With Love and A Major Organ


WITH LOVE AND A MAJOR ORGAN B.C. Premiere (Directed by Kim Albright)

In a society where individuality and emotion are fading, Anabel, a Virtual Insurance broker, is always following her heart. After facing emotional setbacks, she removes her heart and gives it to the unfeeling George. Life becomes easier for Anabel without her heart, but George, now feels everything, and decides to run off and embrace his new life and heart, as he had been living a sheltered life under his domineering mother. Anabel eventually realizes she must reclaim her heart if she wishes to survive.