EXNW is the future of racialized global storytelling and entertainment across all continents.

Hosted annually in Vancouver, British Columbia, this momentous event running July 28-30, 2023 will primarily focus on new pathways, platforms and channels for empowering racialized content creators to connect with industry leaders and their global audience. Through these intersections, new systems can be created within screen entertainment industries that serve the unique needs of racialized creatives and the audiences engaged in their content.

EXNW July 28-30, 2023


EXNW will convene the brightest and best racialized creatives from television, streaming, gaming, AR, VR and beyond to ideate, innovate and celebrate the immense breadth and depth of the talent within our communities.

Annually, racialized creators will be invited to EXNW to gather, network, share wisdom, and celebrate connections while simultaneously bridging the gap between creatives of colour from different communities.

The notion that “home” is an intangible idea, presents an opportunity to create a global gathering of creatives that galvanizes the many racialized diasporas  — who have long been underserved, underrepresented, understudied and unwelcome in the lands they call home.



Now is the time to build the gateway to the East from the West, but it must be led by those who understand the nuanced approach that bridges these continents.

This is East by Northwest. EXNW.