The word “Bardel” comes from the names of its founders, Barry Ward and Delna Bhesania. Founded in 1987 and with over 13 awards credited to the name, Bardel is the leading animation service provider in North America. With over 30 years of creativity within the entertainment industry, Delna and Barry have forged long-term working relationships with some of Canada’s top creative talent and with international clients and partners.

Most recently Bardel has partnered with Italy’s Rainbow, who acquired them in 2015 to bring series 44 Cats to life. 44 Cats, currently in production, has taken a popular Italian song and adapted it into a series. The 52 x 11-minute animation series follows a group of felines that act like humans when no actual humans are around. True to its musical roots, pop-rock songs will be employed to help teach preschoolers tolerance, diversity and social-emotional skills, and will premiere in the fall of 2018.