Vancouver based companies, Mythical City Games, an indie VR video game developer, and LNG Studios, a video production company, have collaborated to create a VR experience unlike anything else in the VR market today! If you are a fan of Simcity and VR, you will definitely want to checkout Skytropolis, a new vertical mega city building game where players must balance an economy and sustainability.

An early creator of VR content, Mythical City Games is pushing the frontier of VR development by designing multi-platform immersive experiences for both internal and external IPs. Some of their most notable titles include, Snow Fortress, Battle Fleet and Tippy Tree.

The collaboration between Mythical City Games and LNG Studios was a natural one, as LNG Studios is a leading creative visualization agency specializing in virtual reality, architecture and more recently even real estate. LNG Studios is truly an expert in the VR realm and was one of the early adopters of VR, making the leap from traditional 3D rendering.

Skytropolis is set to be released on November 2nd on Steam for the Rift and Vive, as well as PC (non-VR)