A mother and son sitting on the back of a small vehicle. Set in a mountainous region on a sunny day.



Anthony Shim’s sophomore feature RICEBOY SLEEPS will premiere for a limited release in theatres across Canada starting on March 17, 2023. One of the most anticipated film releases of 2023, RICEBOY SLEEPS has won top awards on the global festival circuit including the prestigious TIFF Platform Prize. The film is currently in the running for the coveted TFCA Rogers Best Canadian Film Award and leads in nominations for the Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards.

RICEBOY SLEEPS follows a South Korean mother and son as they struggle with their new life in 1990s Canada. The film stars Ethan Hwang (The Umbrella Academy), Anthony Shim (Zoe) and newcomers Dohyun Noel Hwang and Choi Seung-yoon. Choi Seung-yoon has been praised for her breakout performance as So-young, she was selected as a TIFF Rising Star, Share Her Journey Fellow and won Best Actress at the Marrakech International Film Festival.

“I’m so excited for this film to finally be available for people across the country to see it on the big screen,” says Shim. “I believe this film is relatable to people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and I hope we have a diverse mix of audiences who go and enjoy this picture.”

RICEBOY SLEEPS was filmed in Vancouver and South Korea, is distributed by Game Theory Films in Canada and Sphere Films International is handling international sales. RICEBOY SLEEPS is produced by Lonesome Heroes Productions, Kind Stranger Productions, A Lasting Dose Productions and features the talents of director of photography Christopher Lew (Quickening) who shot on 16mm, composer Andrew Yong Hoon Lee and production designer Louisa Birkin (Two Sentence Horror Stories). Producers are Rebecca Steele (Daughter), Bryan Demore, Anthony Shim, Co-Producer is Andrea Agur, and Executive Producers are Giuliana Bertuzzi, Matt Kerr and Charlie Kerr.

See a first-look at the RICEBOY SLEEPS trailer on ET CANADA.