Summer is a time for exploring: discovering new paths to hike, dipping toes in clean waters, and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us in its verdant prime. To help uncover those not-to-be-missed treasures, ZenSeekers online magazine promises to share timely and relevant travel ideas about people and places in BC and Alberta that will enlighten, inspire and transform travelers.


Jaiden George, ZenSeekers

ZenSeekers mandate is to inspire, to enlighten and to tempt readers to explore what is there for them to discover, to share experiences that:

  • Transform through personal growth and challenge
  • Expand their travellers’ world view through cultural understanding
  • Promote learning a new skill, experience or insight
  • Discover nature through beautiful scenery and wildlife
  • Renew the mind to a Zen-like state of calm

ZenSeekers writers tell great stories through video, photos, editorial and social media content because they have experienced the adventure themselves. They are passionate about sharing and motivating readers to take that step up a mountain trail, take that plunge in new waterways or experience the world through culinary delight.

ZenSeekers is part of the Seekers Media network including sibling magazines FestivalSeekers – your go-to guide for festivals & events – and SnowSeekers – 15 years strong in celebrating Alberta and BC’s winter experiences.