The Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF) is the longest running Asian film festival in Canada. It was founded in 1995 and debuted in September 1997. Since then, tens of thousands of film lovers have experienced a diverse selection of North American-Asian and International films. Each year VAFF attracts close to 5,000 audience members over its four-day festival and year-round events.

VAFF is back celebrating its 26th year with close to 100 films being screened festival taking place November 3 to 13, 2022 with a hybrid of in-theatre and virtual events.

VAFF will showcase a total of 98 films featuring the talents of many Asian North-American and Asian Canadian filmmakers. VAFF Virtual, the online film screenings, will take place November 7 to 13, 2022. For the virtual screening schedule, visit HERE.


Five (5) Nominees for Best Cinematography for Canadian Feature Award, Best Editing for Canadian Feature Award, Best  Director for  Canadian Feature Award and Best Canadian Feature Award are (in film’s title by alphabetical order):

  • Golden Delicious
  • Incorrigible
  • Stay The Night
  • The Grizzlie Truth

Golden Delicious, 2022

Eight (8) Nominees for Best Canadian Animation Short; Twenty Four (24) Nominees for Best Cinematography for Canadian Short Award, Best  Director for  Canadian Short Award, and Best Canadian Short Award are (in film’s title by alphabetical order):

  • A hundred Joys
  • Baduk
  • Baek-il (Hothouse)
  • Copeless
  • Feeling the Apocoalypse
  • Good News
  • If you say too much
  • In Love with a Problem
  • Jane
  • Late Bloomer
  • Like Minded
  • Love Amma
  • Low Fuel Light
  • Macaroni Soup (通心粉湯)
  • Mom Vs Machine
  • My Mother’s Home
  • One Small Visit
  • Perfect Restaurant 善美餐廳
  • Pivot
  • Queer Isolation
  • Revolutions
  • The Commute
  • The Faraway Place
  • The Time You Left
  • There are No Children Here
  • Threads of Love
  • Tongue
  • Watershed
  • We don’t need your kind
  • What you can’t take with you
  • Wings to the Sun
  • Wok Hei

Baduk, 2021