The Canadian Media Producers Association on September 5, 2023 announced the 40 mentees selected for participation in its 2023/2024 CMPA mentorship programs. The CMPA’s diverse mentorship programs have served as a launching pad for the next class of Canadian media producers for more than 25 years

Selected mentees will participate in 20- or 40-week placements, and will be paired with established producers at CMPA member companies. Mentees will receive on-the-job training in all aspects of producing from financing and distribution to development and post-production.



This year’s mentees represent a diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, and creative disciplines, reflecting the rich tapestry of Canada’s production industry.

“These bright emerging producers were selected from a competitive pool of applicants, showcasing their exceptional talent, dedication, and potential,” said Liz Shorten, Chief Operating Officer, CMPA. “Mentorship is a catalyst for growth and success, and we look forward to following these mentees on their journeys towards becoming future leaders in this industry.”

Below is the full list of participants in the CMPA’s 2023/2024 mentorship programs:

Bob Crowe Mentorship Program for Emerging Indigenous Producers

Sera-Lys McArthur with White Bear Films

CMPA Mentorship Program for Diverse Producers

Chantele Sitaram with marblemedia
Christopher Collington with OYA Media Group
Gurjit Briyah with Naltobel Productions
Jade Blair with Parrhesia
Japneet Kaur with Jugaad Sisters
Krizia Victoria with 100 Dragons Media
Lesley Marshall with Animal Pride Productions
Rachael Ransom with Black Rhino Creative
Sydney Gauthier with Kistikan Pictures
Wesam Debek with Border2Border Entertainment

CMPA Production Mentorship Program

Abdurahman Uyghur Ozturk with Jenkinson/Goode Productions
Akilah Newton with Verite Films
Chala Hunter with Wango Films
Derek Sands with Wanderer Entertainment
Derek Sharp with Edge Entertainment
Fritzi Adelman with Buffalo Gal Pictures
Kenny Welsh with RealWorld Media
Ladan Siad with New Metric Media
Luc Trottier with Club Red Productions
Megan Robinson with Eagle Vision
Nada Cheddadi with Intuitive Pictures
Pete McCauley with Gearshift Films
Shantae Gibson with Rezolution Pictures International
Shayna Ross-Kelly with Film Forge Productions
Steven Suntres with Hemmings Films
Temilola Gafaar with Hungry Eyes Media
Travis Williams with GAPC Entertainment
Victoria Sullivan with LoCo Motion Pictures
Violet Elliot with Hitsby Entertainment

CMPA British Columbia Production Mentorship Program

Brooklyn James with Cube Productions
Cicy Nie with Screen Siren Pictures
Cole Vandale with Mosaic Entertainment Inc.
Cortney Gilbert with Wild Bus Films
Sonja Osberg with Canazwest Pictures
Lynnette Kissoon with Optic Nerve Films
Will Hughes with Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group

Export Development Mentorship Program (funded by Telefilm Canada)

Caroline Kan-Hai with 4AM Film Studios
Karidia Guerra with Quiet Revolution Pictures
Nico Ansari with Forte Entertainment


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