A show about people who just happen to be in wheelchairs, that’s the premise of CBC’s “Push”, executive produced by Sean De Vries, of Vancouver’s Small Army Entertainment.


Fenix Film & Television, CBC’s “Push”


CBC’s “Push”, stars Benveet ‘Bean’ Gill, and the ‘Wheelie Peeps’ in an original unscripted series that takes audiences into the inner world of an unlikely group of friends and wheelchair users, bonded by their shared experience of navigating life on wheels. They are self-proclaimed rednecks, former exotic dancers, mothers, concert pianists and more. Whether it’s growing a family, fighting social stigma, or jumping back into the dating pool, this determined group of friends is working together to prove that even though their mobility may be limited, their lives and dreams are most certainly not.

The series sparked from a conversation between Gill, and producer Kaitlan Stewart, highlighting the strength of Gill’s personality and all she had to accomplish. It evolved into a series guided by key creatives with disabilities both in-front of and behind the camera. “It doesn’t work to create a story without the community involved,” said De Vries.

In following the personal lives of the ‘Wheelie Peeps’, a sophisticated story arc developed over a natural one, the disparate experiences of the characters weren’t painted with the same brush. De Vries was thankful for the support of the broadcaster, and prioritization of the comfort of the talent over the schedule. “People own their disability. If they weren’t comfortable, they weren’t going to respond.”


CBC’s “Push”

Quick cuts were made into transitions. De Vries: ‘It’s such an everyday part of their lives, we had to build in time to show the process of moving from one place to another, and the work to get from place to place that we don’t necessarily always see.” There was a sensitivity to the production schedule; the environment changes for each individual.

“This show is what I needed when I was first paralyzed,” said Gill. “To see that having a disability doesn’t define you. We’re regular people, striving like everyone else to live our kickass lives to the fullest. But Push is not simply a show about lives. It’s about really seeing and hearing us as people, just as we are.”

CBC’s “Push” is now streaming on Gem. De Vries and Stewart are currently in discussions for a second season. Read more on Playback.