The Read Local BC’s Bestseller list highlights the titles of independent, B.C.-owned publishers sold in independent B.C. bookstores. Discover a few of their picks for the month of May:

Wade Davis, Beneath The Surface of Things

Wade Davis brings his unique cultural perspective to topics such as the demonization of coca, the sacred plant of the Inca; the Great War and the birth of modernity; the British conquest of Everest; the endless conflict in the Middle East; reaching beyond climate fear and trepidation; on the meaning of the sacred.

The anthropological lens, as Davis demonstrates, reveals what lies beneath the surface of things, allowing us to see, and to seek, the wisdom of the middle way, a perspective of promise and hope that all of the essays in this collection aspire to convey.


Daniel Marshall, Untold Tales of Old British Columbia 

The award-winning Marshall captivates readers with intriguing and unknown stories, everything from Indigenous rights to Native gold; political intrigue to daring feats; the remarkable, mysterious traveller Harry (Harriet) Collins; the forgotten origin of Canada’s oldest Chinatown; mysterious artifacts and confounding tales of the obscure and mysterious.

Rigorously researched with interpretations that offer inclusive narratives while exploring surprising tales of great adventure.


Lane Winslow, Lightning Strikes the Silence 

A warm June afternoon in King’s Cove is interrupted by an explosion. Following the sound, Lane goes to investigate. Up a steep path she discovers a secluded cabin and, hiding nearby, a young Japanese girl injured and mute, but very much alive.

At the Nelson Police Station, Inspector Darling and Sergeant Ames, following up on a report of a nighttime heist at the local jeweller’s, discover the jeweller himself dead in his office, apparently bludgeoned, and a live wire hanging off the back of the building.

As Lane attempts to speed the search for the girl’s family with her own lines of inquiry, Darling and his team dig deeper into a local connection between the jeweller and a fellow businessman that leads across the pond to Cornwall and north to a mining interest on the McKenzie River. Away at her police course in Vancouver, Sergeant Terrell’s favourite (former) waitress April McAvity is drawn into the case when Darling asks for her help with finding possible relatives in the city for Lane’s young charge.

Meanwhile offices are being ransacked and someone is following Lane. Through the alleyways of Nelson onto the country roads and woods trails of King’s Cove, the latest Winslow mystery is a study in bygone promises and lingering prejudice.


Peter Wohlleben, Wisdom From The Hidden Life of Trees

This gorgeous compendium distills the essence of the beloved bestseller, The Hidden Life of Trees, and is the perfect pocket-sized gift for holding forester Peter Wohlleben’s words dear, and sharing them with your loved ones. Discover the operations of the forest ecosystem where themes of communication, resilience, beauty, age, family, society and survival tie into our human world. With rich yet easy-to-understand language and evocative artwork from world-renowned master painters, this treasure of a book highlights the fascinating interconnectedness of our world and celebrates trees in all their glory.


Collin Varner, 5o Keystone Flora Species of Coastal British Columbia and The Pacific Northwest

A compact, user-friendly field guide to 50 of the most prominent and ecologically significant plant species of the west coast, from British Columbia to Northern California.

A keystone species is an organism that defines and supports an entire ecosystem, filling a vital ecological niche. Without these species, the ecosystem would be radically altered or even collapse. This pocket-sized field guide by bestselling naturalist Collin Varner highlights 50 keystone trees, flowering plants, fruit-bearing plants, marine plants, and fungi found across the Pacific Northwest bioregion—including Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Large-leafed Lupine, Wild Mint, Salal, Salmonberry, Marine Eelgrass, Red-belted Polypore, and more. Each entry features clear photography, etymology, descriptions, habitat information, risks and warnings. This convenient and easy reference is perfect for casual walkers, hikers, campers, and beachcombers, and draws awareness to the importance of conservation and protection of these crucial species.

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