Every morning at 10:00AM PST, Krystle Dos Santos hosts an Instagram Live morning conversation, Feed My Soul, where she connects and creates a community with artists, musicians, and creatives in Vancouver and across Canada. We invite you to listen and engage by sharing. You can tune into her daily chats here on her Instagram page.


Krystle Dos Santos is a Western Canadian Music Award-winning blues, jazz and soul singer based in Vancouver with Guyanese roots. She has been performing for more than a decade across Canada and is known for her powerful voice and infectious warmth, pairing original soul music with beloved Motown classics. With a voice that is commanding, powerful and rich with talent, her music, inspired by classic and neo-soul combined with contemporary hip-hop and R&B elements, is executed brilliantly. It’s simultaneously elegant, bold and sensual similar to modern legends Erykah Badu and Ms. Lauryn Hill. Her performances are mesmerizing; she sings with sheer heart-wrenching dominion about falling in love, heartbreak and struggle. Her approach to music is unmistakably genuine.


Buried Alive by Krystle Dos Santos (2019)

Released earlier from her album, BLOOM|BURN, Buried Alive is a call-to-action awareness video about domestic violence. Directed by Thomas Affolter with co-collaborators, Dixon Transition Society, Buried Alive brings to light the harsh realities that many people face in abusive relationships, with the message that “you are not alone”.


Krystle Dos Santos