Excitement is in the air this Valentine’s Day as the eagerly awaited Indigenous web series, JASON, gears up for its premiere on APTN lumi, with all six episodes debuting today. Crafted by the talented Andrew Genaille, known for his work on REHAB, and filmed in Vancouver, JASON promises to be a refreshing addition to the romantic comedy genre.

Still from JASON

Starring Peter Robinson, celebrated for his role in HEY VIKTOR! and Tanis Parenteau, known for her appearances in BILLIONS, JASON follows the journey of its namesake main character, portrayed by Robinson, as he navigates the complexities of life and love. Jason, a young writer on the cusp of adulthood, finds himself at a crossroads after leaving his parents’ home on the Rez to pursue higher education in the bustling city. As he grapples with newfound freedom and challenges societal expectations, including a romantic involvement with his sister’s best friend, portrayed by Parenteau, Jason embarks on an emotional journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Parenteau, reflecting on her role in the series, expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to showcase a mature Indigenous woman in a leading role. She emphasized the importance of creating space for women and Indigenous people to be empowered in the entertainment industry, hoping that JASON resonates with audiences in a new and meaningful way.

Behind the scenes, JASON received support from APTN, the Bell Fund, and the Indigenous Screen Office, underscoring a collaborative effort to amplify Indigenous voices and narratives in media. Additionally, the series was developed with the assistance of NSI Art of Business Management – Indigenous Edition, further highlighting a commitment to nurturing Indigenous storytelling talent.

Still from JASON

As we eagerly await the premiere of JASON, it’s worth noting the groundbreaking impact of APTN lumi, the first Indigenous-focused streaming service in Canada. Launched in 2019, APTN lumi offers audiences an extensive catalogue of original programming, documentaries, and kids’ shows – all told from Indigenous perspectives and available in English, French, and an unprecedented selection of Indigenous languages.

With its blend of romance, humour, and authentic Indigenous storytelling, JASON promises to capture hearts and leave a lasting impact on audiences everywhere.