What if AI could tell us stories that change the way we see ourselves and the world? What is ethical and equitable AI? How can we learn to reconnect with the earth and water that sustains us? What if we could play with the past and the future in immersive and interactive ways?

Explore the storytelling technology of tomorrow and celebrate the wealth of talent that B.C.’s creative sector has to offer at Signals 2023! Co-presented by DigiBC and VIFF, this unique interactive and immersive exhibition takes place from October 1-7, 2023 at Bentall Centre in downtown Vancouver.


Haru Ji + Graham Wakefield, We Are Entanglement


Signals 2023 co-curators are Loc Dao (Executive Director, DigiBC), Debi Wong (Founding Artistic Director, re:Naissance Opera), and Loretta Todd (Founder, IM4 Media Lab). They have selected a total of 35 works that will investigate the potential of creative technologies in storytelling and take you on a journey of discovery and empowerment

The curatorial vision pivots on themes of connection and reconnection: to each other, to the land and waters that sustain us, to prospective futures, and to the rich tapestry of our diverse cultural histories.

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