With the vast quantity of music being produced each year, it can get challenging to stay current with emerging artists and new trends. Hillydilly, a music platform dedicated to unearthing new music, solves this very problem by connecting listeners with the newest music and artists. Hillydilly curates their frequently updated playlists to ensure that their listeners are exposed to the best music available, spanning across all genres, both mainstream and underground.

Believing that amazing music adds value to life, Chad Hillard first founded HillyDilly in 2007 as a means to get music to his friends. To date, HillyDilly is responsible for breaking a long list of new artists, including Billie Eilish, LANY, NEIKED, Milky Chance, Glades and Astronomyy. HillyDilly’s noteworthy work in the music industry has earned the platform’s mention in top publications, including Teen Vogue and Vogue Magazine.

After experiencing the success of HillyDilly and realizing the importance of providing emerging artists with a platform to share their music, Chad founded 20XX, a record label devoted to signing new artists and supporting them through all facets of artist development.