A man of many talents with a knack for wearing two hats.

Dan Burgar Business Director of Development and Partnership at Archiact and the President of the VR/AR Association put on his first VR headset in 2015 and was awestruck. It was as simple cooking and cleaning game, but he was hooked and believed that this technology was going to change the world.

And he was right!

A tight-knit group of artists, designers, and engineers, Archiact is currently leading the world in the way of VR/AR and is one of the largest VR/AR studios with over 90+ employees. When Archiact was first founded in 2013, they specialized in developing mobile virtual reality games. Today, they are one of the world’s largest virtual reality studios – providing excellence in virtual reality entertainment enterprise and practical VR/AR applications, products and games across several platforms.

Recognizing that Dan as the Business Director at Archiact had incredible potential he was approached by the VR/AR association and started the Vancouver chapter. After 1 year at the helm, Vancouver is one of the top VR/AR destinations. 

As Vancouver is turning into a global hub, Archiact remains extremely well positioned within the industry to continue to grow and lead the world in various new program developments. Moving into the future Archiact continues to be committed to virtual and augmented reality being a central part of every home, business, and organization in the world. Soon to be released is Schema– a design VR application that is useful to design architects working right now in the industry. Check it out!