Tuesday April 18, 2023 Day two of Creative Industries Week at the Legislature celebrates music, bringing industry associations, businesses, artists, key stakeholders, and creators together with government for a showcase event. Calling all British Columbians to celebrate music day! Celebrate B.C. artists, festivals, and music businesses across the province online–share a shout-out or your favourite B.C. songs to show your support, using the hashtags #BCMusic #ListenBC and #BCCreates across all social media platforms. Looking to discover your new favourite song or listen to one you already love? Celebrate and enjoy B.C.’s diverse and outstanding music industry in a frequently updated Spotify playlist, #ListenBC. A variety of genres can be found, including folk, pop, rap, hip hop, electronic, Latin and everything in between. Listen to the playlist here!

Vancouver Mural Festival by Gabriel Martins

B.C.’s music and sound recording industry plays an integral role within B.C.’s creative sector, threading the sector together through its soundtracks, stages and synergies with film, TV, digital media. B.C. is the third-largest centre for music production in Canada with a large and diverse talent pool of award-winning artists and labels. Recognized for a broad cross-section of music genres from pop, rock, classical and blues to folk, jazz and beyond, B.C.’s music and sound recording industry boasts over 280 recording studios and record labels.

Did you know? In 2021, B.C. music + sound recording contributed $286M Total GDP to the provincial economy. More than 11,000 people work in the industry and there are over 5,500 full-time and equivalent jobs across the province.

Music BC Presents LET’S HEAR IT VICTORIA Concert If you’re in Victoria on April 18, 2023, join us at The Duke and see XL The Band, Nicki MacKenzie and Désirée Dawson, recent SXSW award winner. Doors at 7pm, show starts at 8pm.

Join Music BC, organizer of Creative Industries Week celebrations for the music and sound recording industries! Music BC is the industry’s membership association, serving the for-profit and non-profit music industry, with a broad membership including artists, industry professionals, service providers, studios, promoters, venues, festivals, producers, agents, managers and educational institutions. An essential part of the province’s creative economy and industry, Music BC provides opportunities to further the careers of B.C.’s music creatives and professionals. The association is the voice of the B.C. music industry locally, domestically and internationally, through active advocacy. Learn more about B.C.’s music + sound recording industry Music BC First Peoples’ Cultural Council Sector and Industry Overviews Creative BC Amplify BC Impact Report Map of Music + Sound Recording Companies in B.C. Amplify BC-funded-creator stories

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