From February 2 to 11, the Victoria Film Festival (VFF) is hosting its monumental 30th-anniversary event! During the 10 days, VFF will host an array of film directors, producers, distributors, and programmers, as both guests and participants. This year’s VFF lineup includes a captivating selection of 83 feature films and 24 short films hailing from 23 different countries. Among them, 11 films proudly represent B.C., adding a local touch to the showcase. These include:



A first of its kind, this Indigenous Comedy Heist film offers a distinctive and timely portrayal of Indigenous Culture on the cinematic stage. Under the direction of Shushwap’s own Darrell Dennis, THE GREAT SALISH HEIST follows Steve Joe, a traditional archaeologist for the Moquahat people, who faces personal and community crises when sacred objects are stolen. Convinced that the misfortunes stem from this desecration, Steve leads a diverse team on a daring mission to reclaim the artifacts from a heavily guarded museum. You can catch THE GREAT SALISH HEIST on February 9 at the Bluebridge Theatre.



In this debut feature directed by Caitlyn Sponheimer, WILD GOAT SURF follows the journey of Goat, a young girl, during the summer of 1994 living in an Okanagan RV Park. Negotiating friendships within the campground, Goat aspires to become the world’s best surfer – a unique ambition given that she resides very away from the ocean. This character-driven coming-of-age story explores themes of parental loss, the profound influence of friendship, and the enduring impact of our childhood experiences on shaping our future. WILD GOAT SURF will be playing at Capitol 6 on February 4.



B.C.-raised Meredith Hama-Brown presents her feature-length directorial debut SEAGRASS. This poignant film follows the journey of a Japanese-Canadian woman grappling with her mother’s passing. Seeking solace, she takes her family to a couples counseling retreat, but as her relationship with her husband starts to impact the emotional well-being of their children, profound changes unfold for the family. SEAGRASS will be playing at the Capitol 6 Theatres on February 4.



Directed by West Vancouver based filmmaker Adrian Buitenhuis, the TELUS original documentary provides an unprecedented look into the challenges faced by Dr. Bonnie Henry and her team at the Provincial Health Office during the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring intimate conversations with key figures and poignant moments, this documentary reflects on the pressure of being thrust into the public eye during a historic moment that will resonate for decades to come. OUR TIME TO BE KIND is set to debut on February 8 at the Vic Theatre with Buitenhuis, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and other key participants from the film present for a Q&A session following the screening.


Other B.C. films that will be featured at VFF include: