CBC’s Bones of Crows Mini-Series is a five-part hour-long drama, told through the eyes of Cree Matriarch Aline Spears, as she survives Canada’s residential school system to continue her family’s generational fight in the face of systemic starvation, racism, and sexual abuse.

The series is an expanded story from the feature film version; a truly epic tale that spans over a hundred years and multiple generations of the Spears family. It connects and deepens the events of the past with a cumulative force that propels us into the future with power. Aline Spears is played throughout her life by Summer Testawich; Grace Dove, Monkey Beach; and Carla Rae, Rutherford Falls


Bones of Crows’ Grace Dove as Aline Spears


Commissioned by CBC/Radio-Canada in association with APTN and created by Marie Clements (Red Snow), CBC’s Bones of Crows Mini-Series will debut on CBC and CBC gem September 20, 2023.

Watch it here.