2023 was a memorable year for Maxwel Hohn! The B.C. filmmaker recently won an Emmy for ISLAND OF THE SEA WOLVES in Outstanding Cinematography at the 50th Daytime Emmy Awards, announced on December 17.

This three-part nature documentary on Netflix brilliantly showcases the diverse wildlife inhabiting Vancouver Island. The series received seven nominations at the Daytime Emmy Awards. In addition to winning in Outstanding Cinematography, they also won Outstanding Single Camera Editing, Outstanding Sound Mixing and Outstanding Writing Team for a Daytime Non-Fiction Program.

Filmed amidst the challenges of the 2021 pandemic, Natural History TV (who commissioned the project) normally utilizes UK crew; however, they decided to source B.C. talent to film instead. They brought in Hohn, who not only has a wealth of experience in wildlife, but is also a certified diver, underwater and above water RED camera operator, experienced drone pilot, and acclaimed photographer. His most distinguished work was filming sea otters which gave viewers a never before seen close up look into their daily lives.

Since then, Hohn has worked on Our Planet II (released on Netflix June 14th 2023), Secrets of the Octopus (coming to Disney on Earth Day, 2024) and Shared Planet (coming to CBC in 2025).

You can stream ISLAND OF THE SEA WOLVES now on Netflix!