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Twitter: @siobhanisblyss

I’m an award winning actor, content creator, director and producer. I am the CEO/Founder of blyssful PRODUCTIONS. I also teach my craft and subjects related to my professional sector to many hopeful students at many prestigious colleges and universities. My first paid film industry job was in 1998 when I graduated from UBC with my Honours Degree in Theatre, Film and Creative Writing.

I have been a proud recipient of funding/ support from the City of Vancouver, BC Arts Council, BC Film +media, and The Canada Council for the Arts.

In 2012, I produced a media festival, commissioned and executive produced 5 short films, worked as a professional actor, worked as a professional writer, created digital strategies and ran social media campaigns for four major networks, got development funding for my transmedia series and taught my skills to many students.

I am not confident in what BC will do to in 2013 to facilitate my success so I am working on moving to Ontario where there are more job opportunities, and more support for my sector, which, in turn, will make my most important job, being a parent, more manageable. I worked 13 contracts simultaneously last year to marginally survive in the second most expensive city in the world. Why?

After tonight’s film industry meeting, I’m from this moment forward proudly proclaiming and personalizing that I work in the BC film and media industry and I am a celebrated performance artist.

I attend markets and represent BC artists/workers nationally and internationally. The BC Film and Media Industry is still something to be recognized as something that contributes value to the local, national and global economy and the social fabric of our province. I WORK IN THE BC FILM INDUSTRY, and WE CREATE BC.