The 41st Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) returns to theatres September 29 – October 9, 2022. Over 130 films, 100 shorts, talks and special events will light up the screens and stages across Vancouver. Discover the list of B.C. films at this year’s festivals!


Jessica Johnson and Ryan Ermacora
Feature Documentary

Originally constructed around a copper mine, the once thriving company town of Anyox now boasts only two year-round residents. An immaculately crafted portrait of the damage wrought by the callousness of colonial ambition.

Anyox film image, directors Jessica Johnson and Ryan Ermacora


back home
Nisha Platzer
Feature Documentary

In 1999, 11-year-old Nisha Platzer lost her brother, Josh, to suicide. Twenty years later, her search leads her to the door of Josh’s chosen family. An eloquent collage that asserts that both grieving and healing are meant to be communal experiences.

back home film image, director Nisha Platzer


Bones of Crows
Marie Clements

Vancouver-born Dene/Métis writer-director Marie Clements lays out a hard history of Indigenous resilience in this urgent, harrowing epic, spanning most of the 20th century; the story of a Cree woman from childhood, through residential school, WWII, and beyond.

Bones of Crows film image, director Marie Clements


Concrete Valley
Antoine Bourges

A Syrian doctor struggles to hold on to his identity as his family adjusts to life in Canada. Director Antoine Bourges (Fail to Appear) continues his social realist project, turning a lens this time to struggles faced by new immigrants to Canada.

Concrete Valley film image, director Antoine Bourges


Golden Delicious
Jason Karman

Golden Delicious is a coming-of-age story about an Asian-Canadian teenager who is torn between his girlfriend’s dreams of their future and his father’s ambition, all the while struggling with finding himself and his feelings for the boy next door.

Golden Delicious film image, director Jason Karman


The Grizzlie Truth
Kathleen S. Jayme
Feature Documentary

In this zippy doc, we learn about a new way of representing the past, and meet community curators and archivists from across BC whose mission is to share the secret, neglected, and untold histories of this place we only think we know.

The Grizzlie Truth film image, director Kathleen S. Jayme


The Klabona Keepers
Tamo Campos, Jasper Snow-Rosen
Feature Documentary

The Klabona Keepers is a fierce account of the Tahltan Nation’s struggle to protect the Klabona Sacred Headwaters from commercial mining. Interspersing verité cinematography with interviews, the film documents the tactics used by the land defenders.

The Klabona Keepers film image, co-directors Tamo Campos and Jasper Snow-Rosen


Lay Down Your Heart
Marie Clements
Feature Documentary

Marie Clements’ Lay Down Your Heart is a touching tribute to Niall McNeil, a multi-talented artist in theatre who happens to be a person living with Down Syndrome. A heartwarming celebration of a local artist who has succeeded on his own terms.

Lay Down Your Heart film image, director Marie Clements


Riceboy Sleeps
Anthony Shim

Raising her son Dong-hyun (Dohyun Noel Hwang, then Ethan Hwang) in Vancouver’s suburbs, So-young (Choi Seung-yoon), a South Korean immigrant, desperately wants to instill a sense of pride in the boy. Meanwhile, he just wants to fit in.

Riceboy Sleeps film image, director Anthony Shim


Elad Tzadok, Hayley Gray
Feature Documentary

In this zippy doc, we learn about a new way of representing the past, and meet community curators and archivists from across BC whose mission is to share the secret, neglected, and untold histories of this place we only think we know.

Unarchived film image, co-directors Hayley Gray and Elad Tzadok


Until Branches Bend
Sophie Jarvis

Discovering a potentially invasive insect inside a peach, fruit packer Robin immediately reports it. When management refuses to take action, she goes public with her concerns and precipitates a widescale shutdown in her Okanagan town.

Until Branches Bend film image, director Sophie Jarvis


When Time Gets Louder
Connie Cocchia

Leaving home for university, Abbie (Willow Shields) thrives and experiences self-actualization. However, she’s tormented by the knowledge that her brother Kayden (Jonathan Simao), who has autism and is non-verbal, is reeling in her absence.

When Time Got Louder film image, director Connie Cocchia


The Runner
Amar Chebib

Darius Sam, a young man from the Lower Nicola First Nation, attempts to run a 100-mile ultramarathon in subzero temperatures to raise awareness for addiction and mental health in his community.

The Runner film image, director Amar Chebib


From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories
Sarah Shamash, Sonia Medel

Through feminist solidarities on unceded Coast Salish land, the contributions of Latinx women reveal an intergenerational network of media art genealogies.

From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories film image, co-directors Sarah Shamash and Sonia Medel


I thought the World of You
Kurt Walker

An enigmatic mosaic built on the lore existing around Canadian musician Lewis and his 1983 album, L’Amour.

I Thought the World of You film image, director Kurt Walker


Ashleigh Vailancourt

At night, a woman’s mind wanders as she chops firewood.

Rumination film image, director Ashleigh Vaillancourt


i see me watching
Sidney Gordon

Through formal experimentation based on the artist’s personal struggle with gender identity, a singular self has been split into two.

i see me watching film image, director Sidney Gordon


Kaho Yoshida

Tired of her date’s racist and sexist comments, a woman decides to liberate his tongue.

Tongue film image, director Kaho Yoshida


Kent Donguines

While keeping a secret from his family overseas, Paco struggles to uphold his responsibilities and aspirations.

Paco film image, director Kent Donguines


Kunsang Kyirong

Narrative and documentary elements are woven together to tell the stories of a Tibetan immigrant community working at a local laundry facility.

Dhulpa film image, director Kunsang Kyirong


Rylan Friday

Parker and his boyfriend Darren make a disturbing discovery on their way to Parker’s late kokum’s cabin, setting the stage for how the night will unfold.

Terror/Forming film image, director Rylan Friday


Red House
Barry Doupe

Created using the Amiga computer console and Deluxe Paint IV software, hand-drawn sequences undergo a continual metamorphosis of images, characters, and forms.

Red House film image, director Barry Doupé


My Thoughts Exactly
Mike Archibald

Two strangers bring their love, frustration, and desire to the cruising trails within Stanley Park.

My Thoughts Exactly film image, director Mike Archibald


Framing the Self
Andrea Cristini

A heady but emphatic experiment whereby an animated character improvises in a cinematic vacuum through the direction of their creator.

Framing the Self film image, director Andrea Cristini


Sexy Highland Stream
Nathan Alder

In appreciation of the eponymous stream, this poem is a love letter to the beauty found in nature. Written and spoken in English and Anishinaabemowin.

Sexy Highland Stream film image, director Nathan Adler


The Faraway Place
Kenny Welsh

A young woman and her father, both of whom have horns, flee from a violent cult on a mission to eradicate their kind.

The Faraway Place film image, director Kenny Welsh


I Empower as a Mother
Inder Nirwan, Dani Barker

Patricia Massy, the founder and director of Massy Arts Society and co-founder of Indigenous Brilliance collective, shares aspects of her life, work, and business, Massy Books.

I Empower as a Mother film image, co-directors Inder Nirwan and Dani Barker


Asia Youngman

New to town, Zaraya befriends her next-door neighbour, who invites her to go on a search for the legendary lake monster, N’xaxaitkw—known to settlers as Ogopogo.

N'xaxaitkw film image