The Ridge Studio located, as per name sake, in Maple Ridge BC is owned and operated by President and CEO, John Wittmayer. John started the studio in January 2015 after discussing the need for a strategically located, out-of-the-studio-zone building that would be suitable for lower budget TV movies with the building’s owner. Since 2015, the studio has hosted over 35 TV movies, several feature films, two TV series, and a number of Canadian indie films.

John is currently expanding The Ridge Studio to include a post-production facility that utilizes the building’s fiber optic system. The City of Maple Ridge and The Ridge Studio are collaborating to promote the tech sector of filmmaking as it relates to the digital domain. This collaboration will highlight an educational component that compliments the commercial side of the business, to include training in post-production and the digital arts.

In addition to The Ridge Studio, and after noticing that local BC filmmakers were under represented, John started the Maple Ridge Festiv


al of B.C. Film. He recognized that if BC was to cultivate its own cultural identity successfully that Canada needed to build its own film industry and infrastructure that remained independent from Hollywood. The Maple Ridge Festival of BC Film is being held March 23 – 25, 2018.