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The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) connects local and international businesses in the city of Vancouver.

As an agency of the City of Vancouver, the VEC works to strengthen the city’s economic future by helping existing businesses, attracting investment, researching the business environment and making policy recommendations.

The VEC team works closely with elected officials, the consular corps, and relevant departments of all levels of government. It links directly with peer organizations in the region, broad-based and sector-specific industry associations and ethnic business groups.

It also engages regularly with post-secondary and technology institutions, legal, real estate and business services professionals, and others whose work affects economic development of the region. The purpose of these activities is to bring the best possible information to companies and entrepreneurs interested in business development in the city. Services are comprehensive, confidential and free to clients.

VEC also serves as the voice of business to Vancouver’s City Hall, making recommendations to the City on ways to improve the business climate and make Vancouver more attractive to business from around the globe. In late 2007, VEC delivered a report to City Council on the city’s business climate, based on input from the business community.