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Website: kleientertainment.com

Twitter: @klei
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Klei was built because we want to build games that we care about.

When talented, creative people can work toward that goal, amazing things happen. We can create an endearing off-the-wall puzzle game. We can redefine what an oldschool beat-em-up is. We can create products that live up to your childhood memories of your coolest games.

Klei is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and has developed and published games for a bunch of different platforms.

Klei’s creative team is led by Jeffrey Agala, a long standing director for the hit television cartoon series Atomic Betty.

Jeff is a published Illustrator for Penguin Books, storyboarded for Disney’s Stanley, has directed and participated in dozens of other TV shows and commercials, and has more than 10 years of experience in professional animation.

Today, Jeff has built a creative department that not only builds games, but is trained in bringing a high degree of expression and quality rarely seen in video games. Klei strives to hire and train artists and animators to create content that not only looks good, but breathes personality into the products.