Emma Lancaster

– Music, Sound design
– Performing arts

Number Of Employees: 1+

Website: www.lancastercommunications.ca

When I tell people what I do for a living, they can’t believe that such a profession exists. My one-woman communications company specializes in marketing and media relations for artists, with an emphasis on non-commercial music and the performing arts. My clients are artists, composers, curators, presenters, players, actors, directors, interdisciplinary creators and, most importantly, innovators.

In the past year alone, my clients have represented BC on national and international stages; as curators for festivals and series that take place both here and abroad; and as respected guests at symposia and industry gatherings across the world. They’ve brought countless international performers, thinkers, and dreamers to audiences of all ages throughout BC, and in the process exposed British Columbians to new thoughts and ideas about the world we live in.

Every day I stand in awe of my sector’s ability to solve problems, think creatively, and make much with little–all the while producing works of that are beautiful, profound, thought provoking, challenging, and stimulating. Work made in BC holds up to anything produced anywhere in the world.

I have a client who created a site-specific musical journey through one of Vancouver’s most beloved production spaces; a journey that resulted in six new music commissions, and unprecedented collaboration between contemporary classical music, theatre, and digital arts. This same client is serving as Artistic Director for the International Society for Contemporary Music World New Music Days 2017–a mouthful, but the grandfather of new music events globally, having been founded in 1923 by Austrian composer Anton Webern. This event will bring more than 150 delegates from around the world, 30+ concerts, and lots of other public activities to Canada for only the second time in the event’s 82-year history.

Another client is literally growing the sets for a piece that will take place on the Sunshine Coast sometime in the next few years–depending on the weather and how the plants progress.

With such breadth of creativity and talent in BC, the province’s creative artists—and the administrators, technicians, marketing professionals, box office attendants, fundraising professionals, web developers, analysts, hospitality professionals, and other individuals and sectors that support them—will continue to thrive. And I look forward to seeing what our vibrant creative sector will do next.