Adrian Crook & Associates Inc.

– Game Developers / Producers
– Mobile Game Design and Product Management Consultation

Number Of Employees: 6


Facebook: ACandAssoc

Twitter: @adriancrook

Adrian Crook & Associates began over seven years ago as a one man band. After 13 years in the core games industry (consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox), Adrian Crook started AC+A to focus on the growing freemium / free-to-play sector in mobile and social games. The company has now grown to a collective of freelancers, both locally and abroad, in addition to three full time employees.

Now in our eighth year of business, AC+A has worked with over 100 clients, ranging from North America to Europe, Russia, South East Asia and beyond. Our expertise is in “fixing” unprofitable projects, restoring revenue to their developers. We also design games from scratch for select clients, even going so far as to assist in securing big licenses, such as Sons of Anarchy (a mobile game we co-conceived).

After our most successful year ever in 2014, we’re taking new steps to grow AC+A in ways that support our values. To that end, last Fall we partnered with local advertising agency Rethink Communications to develop a VR oil spill installation in English Bay. The goal was to illustrate how our fragile local environment would suffer if a tanker spilled oil into our waters. The installation was nominated for a Webby award and covered by Huffington Post and Tech Republic, among others.

As fate would have it, English Bay did suffer an oil spill a little more than four month after our installation.

These days our focus is on growing AC+A locally, investing in local talent and participating in events that support our local creative economy. We sponsored a recent Creative Mornings presentation and anticipate being involved in other creative sector events in the near future. BC’s creative economy has thrived since before Adrian began his career in 1995 at local tech giant Electronic Arts Canada, so we’re privileged now to contribute in a small way to its ongoing success.