CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre

CBC Vancouver is a household name in British Columbia’s entertainment industry. Since 1936, CBC has provided Vancouverites with a comprehensive range of radio, television programming, news and broadcasting services.

Hubert T. Lacroix, current President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, was appointed to his position in 2007 for a 5-year term and re-appointed in 2012. Prior to CBC he was a Senior Partner at MaCarthy Tétrault, one of Canada’s largest law firms.

The CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre provides space for creative industries to create. They offer several studio facilities (ranging from 800 to 5,700 square feet), outdoor urban spaces, various amenities and support services for all film and entertainment needs.  The broadcast centre has been used in feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos, recording sessions, film scoring, rehearsals, concerts, special events, galas and meetings.

Tours of CBC Vancouver can be arranged through their website. They are available Tuesday through Friday and last approximately one hour. Tour reservations are required.

Be sure to follow @CBCVancouver on Twitter for the latest updates.

Peach Pyramid – Repeating Myself

Peach Pyramid is the brimming honesty and personal experience of one Jen Severtson. An internalized cry pulled to the surface; transformed and juxtaposed by way of graceful melodies and swirling guitars. Supported by a rotating collective of musicians and close friends, Peach Pyramid sonically exhales Jen’s intimate narrative.

Peach Pyramid’s recently released lyric video for “Trying” has been praised by music critics across the country. The video is a combination of footage from Jen’s life and her interactions with friends and fellow musicians from Calgary and Victoria. In an interview with Beat Route earlier this month, Jen referred to the video footage as “memories that support my journey”.

Be sure to check out Peach Pyramid’s upcoming show at the Lucky Bar in Victoria next month!

Year of the Wolf – As If We Are Sinking

Year of the Wolf’s musical identity is simple; a group of musicians who love music at any capacity. Extracting influences from Indie Rock, Blues, Country and whatever else they can get their hands on the dynamic of the group is undeniable.

With its first full length record released last month, “As If We Are Sinking”, Year of the Wolf is making waves in the music industry. The group began as a duo in 2012 when Kyle Vaughan and Chad Gilmour joined forces, and later expanded to include James Jeffrey, Carson Webber and Chelsea Burden, each bringing with them their unique musical abilities.

Be sure to check out the much anticipated top track “As If We Are Sinking”.


City of Victoria – Creativity is the Key to a Vibrant City!

Incorporated as a city in 1862, the Capital City of British Columbia, the City of Victoria, is known for its natural beauty heritage charm. The juxtaposition of old world ambience and architecture in a small urban city is part of what makes Victoria one of the most uniquely special places in Canada. As the regional centre for arts and culture, the City of Victoria aims to enhance its neighbourhoods, foster arts and culture, and to work to create a city that is a natural draw for festivals and events.

The vibrant and eclectic arts and culture community in the City of Victoria includes a wide array of festivals and events that support artists, writers and musicians and other creative pursuits, through a variety of grants and programs.

The City of Victoria is proudly finalizing the development of Create Victoria, a five-year Arts and Culture Master Plan, which will layout the City’s strategy and approach to the creative industries and identify initiatives to increase arts and cultural opportunities.

Be sure to check the City of Victoria calendar for upcoming events around the City!

Arts Council of New Westminster – Passionate about the Arts!

Founded in 1967, The Arts Council of New Westminster is a community arts organization built by individuals and member groups who share an interest in visual, performing and literary arts. The Arts Council’s role in the community is to advocate for the arts and foster support for those engaging in artistic and cultural endeavours.

For decades, the Arts Council has been committed to creating a vibrant presence of the arts in New Westminster while being responsive and proactive about the community’s wishes for arts activities and events. In addition to strategically planning arts and cultural events for the community, the Arts Council advocates for the arts at all levels of government and has become an information and resource network for cultural projects and activities.

This year, the Arts council celebrated its 50th anniversary, a milestone that is reflected by years of helping elevate the arts scene in New Westminster.

Oats Studio

Oats Studio, is a movie and television production company located in Richmond, BC, and established in 2015 by brothers Mike and Neill Blomkamp (director and writer, known for District 9, 2009; Elysium, 2013; and Chappie, 2015).

Dubbed as an experimental filmmaking “lab”, they operate a full-service studio with the capacity to handle all aspects of production from start to finish. Oats prides itself on being local, with a crew of 45 who all work in-house.

Oats focus is to make original and interesting short film content, eventually producing full feature films and series from the material they create. Their unique approach to filmmaking allows the studio to work in an open source format with their audience. This provides fans with access to the film’s assets, fostering creativity and collaboration within the entertainment community. Neill, the visionary behind Oats Studio, describes their culture like an “open playpen”, promoting originality and imagination all under one roof.

Neill and Mike accurately represent Vancouver’s film scene, highlighting their local production talent they’ve developed over the past two and a half years. Showcasing the creativity this studio has to offer, Neill and his team simultaneously produced three sci-fi short films: Rakka, Firebase, and Zygote. Make sure to follow Oats Studio, stay tuned to their website and visit Oats’ Youtube page for upcoming projects.

Dreamrider – Inspiring the Hearts, Minds & Spirits of Children

Led by award-winning creative visionaries Vanessa LeBourdais and Ian Gschwind, Dreamrider Productions is a professional theatre and multimedia production company. With a mandate to employ the inspirational power of live theatre, performance, interactive media, music and film to impart understanding and positive values regarding environmental and social issues, Dreamrider Productions is responsible for making over 950,000 BC children laugh and learn.

While founded as a non-profit society in 2002, Dreamrider Productions has been producing and performing in Vancouver for almost two decades. Initially hired by the City of Vancouver in 1997 to create plays about environmental issues for children, Vanessa and Ian have become leaders in Canada’s growing efforts for social change. Vanessa and Ian continue to inspire generations of socially and ecologically responsible young citizens through the power of live performance, interactive media, music, and film.

Dreamrider Productions is gaining widespread recognition as a leader in arts for social change and youth engagement, winning TELUS’s Innovation Award in 2015 and the Recycling Council of BC’s Non-Profit Award in 2017. Dreamrider Productions has also received great praise for its Planet Protection Academy, a groundbreaking, holistic, online environmental protection program for students.

Casting Workbook

BC continues to lead the way in innovation and entrepreneurship, the newest example of the provinces creative endeavors is Voice by Casting Workbook. The head office is located in the heart of Vancouver and the newly developed software is proudly British Columbian.

With so many changes in the voice-over industry, Casting Workbook, recognized that a new solution was needed. At the ready and with a solution, Casting Workbook is excited to announce the launch of Voice. By consulting with industry leaders, Casting Workbook has now created a publicly searchable voice database to provide immediate relief to production companies, creatives, ad agencies, voice agents and casting personnel.

Locally built software with a global reach.

Casting Workbook, is the second largest film, tv, and commercial breakdown service in North America. With over 19 million agent submissions they work mainly in the film and on-camera world, and with over 20 years of experience in casting submission software, with the launch of Voice, they continue to provide powerful solutions for the creative industries throughout the world.

Pandora’s Box Rehearsal Studios – Built By Musicians for Musicians

With 13 lockout studios designed and built in consultation with acoustic engineers for clear sound and fantastic soundproofing, Pandora’s Box Rehearsal Studios offers purpose built music rehearsal studios both at hourly and monthly rates.

Husband and wife team Paul and Colleen Alexander built the facility 5 years ago after identifying a need for more purpose built rehearsal spaces that are accessible to all. With an underlying objective to provide a space that allows musicians of all genres to connect and peacefully co-exist, Pandora’s Box Rehearsal studios offers rooms with limitless configurations for all kinds of events.

Looking for a space to record, shoot a video or have a performance? The flagship room, Studio 19, is the ideal jam space and fully equipped with a quality backline, a large stage with sound activated lights, and fits up to 65 people!. Reserve your space today!

The Ridge Studio  

The Ridge Studio located, as per name sake, in Maple Ridge BC is owned and operated by President and CEO, John Wittmayer. John started the studio in January 2015 after discussing the need for a strategically located, out-of-the-studio-zone building that would be suitable for lower budget TV movies with the building’s owner. Since 2015, the studio has hosted over 35 TV movies, several feature films, two TV series, and a number of Canadian indie films.

John is currently expanding The Ridge Studio to include a post-production facility that utilizes the building’s fiber optic system. The City of Maple Ridge and The Ridge Studio are collaborating to promote the tech sector of filmmaking as it relates to the digital domain. This collaboration will highlight an educational component that compliments the commercial side of the business, to include training in post-production and the digital arts.

In addition to The Ridge Studio, and after noticing that local BC filmmakers were under represented, John started the Maple Ridge Festival of B.C. Film. He recognized that if BC was to cultivate its own cultural identity successfully that Canada needed to build its own film industry and infrastructure that remained independent from Hollywood. The Maple Ridge Festival of BC Film is being held March 23 – 25, 2018.