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Casting Workbook

BC continues to lead the way in innovation and entrepreneurship, the newest example of the provinces creative endeavors is Voice by Casting Workbook. The head office is located in the heart of Vancouver and the newly developed software is proudly British Columbian.

With so many changes in the voice-over industry, Casting Workbook, recognized that a new solution was needed. At the ready and with a solution, Casting Workbook is excited to announce the launch of Voice. By consulting with industry leaders, Casting Workbook has now created a publicly searchable voice database to provide immediate relief to production companies, creatives, ad agencies, voice agents and casting personnel.

Locally built software with a global reach.

Casting Workbook, is the second largest film, tv, and commercial breakdown service in North America. With over 19 million agent submissions they work mainly in the film and on-camera world, and with over 20 years of experience in casting submission software, with the launch of Voice, they continue to provide powerful solutions for the creative industries throughout the world.


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Canadian Media Producers Association – BC Producers Branch

The Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) is Canada’s leading trade association for independent producers, representing more than 350 companies engaged in the development, production and distribution of English-language television programs, feature films and digital media.

With an underlying goal of contributing to the continued success of Canada’s independent production sector, the CMPA established the BC Producers Branch to support the province’s local and regional issues, and to provide a means for dealing with national issues in BC.

The BC Producers Branch is a non-profit trade organization that works on behalf of over 90 British Columbia companies engaged in the production and distribution of television, feature film, and digital media content. As an integral part of the film and television industry, the BC Producers Branch promotes the general interests of its members municipally, provincially, federally, and internationally, negotiates and manages labour agreements with guilds and unions, and undertakes a variety of industry development initiatives to build the capacity of BC based companies.


Whistler Film Festival and Creative BC

Creative BC has been honored to support the following films being featured at the Whistler Film Festival from November 29th to December 3rd.

Whistler Film Festival: November 29 – December 3, 2017

Good Girls Don’t, DIR. Ana de Lara

A playful comedy about a Filipina-Canadian girl who defies her mother’s warning that she’ll turn into a boy if she plays sports (spoiler alert: she doesn’t). Using humour and magical realism, GOOD GIRLS DON’T explores gender inequality through the eyes of a young girl following her dreams.

Juggernaut, DIR. Daniel DiMarco

Some people are just born with explosively short tempers and violence coursing through their veins. Juggernaut (developed under the title Wrecking Ball) tells the suspenseful story of a small-town bad boy, Saxon Gamble (Jack Kesy) who returns to his hometown on the occasion of his mother’s death. He has been told that it was a suicide, but he’s not buying it. Something in his gut tells him that his brother, who stayed behind, is somehow responsible for his mother’s passing and has covered up his crime. True to his own violent nature, he slowly plots his revenge.

*Note: The above is a list of Creative BC supported films.

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/5ARQFZUIteY



Whistler Film Festival – Come Out and Support Made in BC Stories on Screen!

With Whistler Film Festival around the corner, make sure you support BC filmmakers and get your tickets to see these made in BC films!

Whistler Film Festival: November 29 – December 3, 2017

8 Minutes Ahead, DIR. Ben Hoskyn

Link: https://youtu.be/N2mFTUFjT8I

Cypher, DIR. Lawrence Le Lam


Good Girls Don’t, DIR. Ana de Lara

Juggernaut, DIR. Daniel DiMarco

Link: https://youtu.be/5ARQFZUIteY

The Cannon, DIR. Marshall Axani

Link: https://youtu.be/DiVpCZ4HOqM

The Moment, DIR. Darcy Hennessey Turenne

Link: https://youtu.be/tvBZ6Bxbuk4

The Prodigal Dad, DIR. Robert Wenzek

Link: https://youtu.be/8zymM6Xm9Ps



Sherpas Cinema – Imagination: Tribute to JP Auclair

With a mission to amplify the voice of nature and to encourage individuals to go outdoors, Sherpas Cinema, a boutique full service production house in Whistler, is pushing boundaries with its cutting-edge filmmaking techniques. Sherpas Cinema’s films are known for their intimate character development and thrilling mountain experiences, all of which can be seen in their latest short film, Imagination.

Recently shot in Nelson, Imagination, starring Tom Wallisch and Sequoia Colbeck, is dedicated to the late Canadian ski icon, JP Auclair who tragically died in an avalanche in 2014 while shooting footage for a film project in the remote mountains of Chile. Auclair was named one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year for 2014 and dubbed by ski magazines everywhere as the sport’s “renaissance man”. Sherpas Cinema director Dave Mossop, the visionary behind JP Auclair’s street skiing film, All.I.Can., came together with his crew for Imagination, to pay tribute to the legend that revolutionized skiing forever.


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Image Engine – World Class Visual Effects & Animation

Based in Vancouver, Image Engine is a world-class visual effects studio with a portfolio that reflects involvement from the very first stages of production including concept design, pre-visualization, and supervision, all the way to post-production with services that range from computer-generated animation and compositing, to explosive volumetric digital effects.

Getting its start in the industry as the offspring of the early digital video post-production environment of the mid-1990’s, Image Engine has established itself as a leader in creature design and animation. Best known for its Academy Award Nominated work on Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, Image Engine has managed the entire visual effects services of numerous notable films, including Straight Outta ComptonZero Dark Thirty and Elysium.

As Vancouver’s longest standing independent visual effects company, Image Engine continues to be a driving force in the local visual effects community while growing its capacity for other creative output such as complex digital environment work.


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The Young Actors Project – Inspiring People Through Stories

Prior to founding The Young Actors Project, Robert Randall worked in the film and television industry for 15 years, primarily in the role of First Assistant Director. Robert’s unwavering passion for screenwriting and filmmaking lead him to establish The Young Actors Project, which initially started by providing acting workshops for young artists. These workshops were used to produce short movies featuring student actors, which eventually over the years, gained recognition from fans around the world.

With time, The Young Actors Project propelled beyond just an acting school and

has achieved enormous success on YouTube as a platform to share independent ultra-low budget film projects. With a mission to hit 1 million YouTube subscribers by the summer of 2018, The Young Actors Project shares stories that have touched the lives of young people and inspired them to show courage.

The Young Actors Project also provides drama workshops to B.C. students in elementary and middle schools, exposing the art of acting to approximately 30,000 kids each year.

Check out two of The Young Actors Project’s most recent films that are part of a series based on fairy tales and set in a contemporary high school.

The Girl Without a Phone – A Cinderella Story

The Girl Without a Phone 2 – A Frog Princess Story



Thor: Ragnarok, is the sequel to both 2011’s Thor and 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, and is the seventeenth film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

This much-anticipated sequel in the Thor Marvel series, opened in theaters on Nov 3rd.

This mega series was partially done in BC, specifically the opening sequence where Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is trapped by the fire demon Surtur. The God of Thunder soon escapes, (as we would expect) and he goes on to battle Surtur and several other VFX animated evil creatures, including a dragon before escaping back to Asgard.

This exciting sequence was crafted by Method Studios in Vancouver. VFX artists hand-animated the demons and also pieced together extra footage for back ground shots. Although Surtur is a fire demon, his desired appearance was not to be completely fire-covered from the beginning, so VFX artists built in bones and muscles structure. For the beastly dragon that Thor also battles, the VFX team used a model provided by Marvel that had basic proportions and some details such as the whiskers- then added leather skin and goo for extra evil effect.

Latest interview can be found here:





Juggernaut, Mad Samurai’s Latest production, and a Daniel DiMarco Film, is having its Canadian Premier at the Whistler Film Festival on Friday Dec 1st. The first screening will be Friday, Dec. 1st at 8:30pm with a second screening on the Sunday.

Juggernaut is a story of revenge, obsession and sibling rivalry. An exploration into the dark places family dysfunction can lead to. How being born under the same roof with the same love and the same opportunities can result in the most diverse of people

Producer Mathew Cervi developed the script over 3 years and together with a stellar team put together and produced, what is sure to be a thought provoking film. Juggernaut stars Jack Kesy (Baywatch), Amanda Crew (Silicon Valley), Peter McRobbie (The Visit), and David Cubitt (Medium) in partnership with Canadian distributor Level Film. The production employed over 50 people including cast and crew and over 30 people with post production services.

Keeping the film BC based, the majority of the filming took place in Kamloops, Ashcroft, Spence Bridge, Savona and Merit regions, with post production in Vancouver.

Juggernaut received a portion of the Creative BC Slate Development fund which is provided to BC-based film or television entertainment companies with an envelope of money to support the development of two or more eligible film, television or web series projects.

Matthew continues to develop engaging genre fare for the feature film and television landscape. His next big project is a horror film due out in 2019- Stay tuned.

Whistler Film Festival Screen locationVillage 8 Cinemas

Facebook: @whistlerfilmfestival #WFF17 #ittakesavillage

Twitter: @whisfilmfest #WFF17 #ittakesavillage

Juggernaut’s social media is:




Victoria Film Festival – The Nucleus of Cinematic Arts on Vancouver Island

Since 1995, the Victoria Film Festival has been the center for film on Vancouver Island by offering a diverse selection of Canadian and international programming. With a commitment to providing the public with entertaining and high-quality films, the Victoria Film Festival has extended its programming to include year-round events. In fact, the Victoria Film Festival has grown from the Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival to the Victoria Film Festival, led and supported by Director Kathy Kay and Head Programmer Donovan Aikman. Together they bring a wealth of experience in artistic, technical, and operational guidance.

By supporting the practice of all media artists with particular focus on Canadian independent artists through exhibition of their work, the Victoria Film Festival has proven to be a pillar for artistic innovation and creativity. With the 2018 edition set to take place February 2-11, 2018, festivalgoers can expect to see work that further supports the Festival’s mandate which is to create dynamic media experiences that fuel a personal evolution for artists and audiences. The Victoria Film Festival will also continue to share artistic work with Victoria’s diverse communities through the Indigenous program, as well as present screenings of Asian, Quebecois, UK and Italian films.